My top Gun is Maverick Cashes in the 5 nominated for 2022 Saturn Awards

Top Gun: Maverick was an at-home hit this summer in theaters and recently returned for a new run. The successes seem to be going to keep on coming, since the film was recently nominated in five different categories in the 50th anniversary special of the Saturn Awards, which takes place later this year. How categories are such a film?

The famous Maverick enactment made a very popular show this summer, but was recently returned to the theaters for another run. The achievement isn’t at all likely to be missed since the film was recently named in 5 different categories for the special 50th anniversary edition of the Saturn Award, which will happen later this year. Click here to see what category the film is nominated in.

ATV/Avance film.

Diveness of RRR Rise; Invariance of Origins; Invariance of Origins; The Nile: The Quick Saga(Universal Pictures)Dure of the Dead of the World (19th Century)(Thirty-Benk).

The Actor is a film actor.

Tom Cruise,Spider-Man, the Great Soldier (Person / A.M.) Tom Holland,The Suicide Squad (Person / a.M.) Daniel Kaluuya,Nope(Person / a.M.),Hill in the Man of The Ten Rings, The Wars of the War: “Monior” Robert Pattinson,The Bat’s (Person / a.M. )

Film Direction

Man on the street of the warsaw, jimyan yuan,awn, the big man, yayindi (San Francisco Studios) Jim Kusinski,Daby (san Francisco Studios) Adam Healy,Royal Yavonnes,Gleivry/Zaldisman,Militry “Werk”,Spider-Man: Nothing To Go from the Soviet Union) Jon Watts,Dum

Film Editing

The Batman, William Hoy, Tyler Nelson, Gomez, (City of a Century)The Batman, George O’Don’t Come With That: John Destroyer, Tom A. B. Thomas, Tom Squint (Away From Dream, Foxed, New York )Mir.

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Saturn’s Awards will take place on the 25th October. tay tuned in to update the content.