On August 30th, Children of the Worm (Back 4 Blood) will receive the second of his dLC children on the 2nd, 3rd, in the 2nd, 3rd and 8th of the year

This new DLC for Back 4 Blood will offer, among other things, a new story in its campaign mode The players of Back 4 Blood You're good to play in the future because in a few days, the first one that's been added will be available under the name Children of the Worm. You were [in] in the situation.

This new DVLC for Back 4 Blood will take over the controversy and offer a new story in its campaign mode.

The players of the book Back 4 Blood You’re in luck, because in a few days the new extension (the second) for this game is set to be offered under the name Children of the Worm.

At Warner Bros. Games and Turtle Rock, the Children of Worm expansion will be available on August 30th – the return of the Back 4 Blood trailer which includes Deluxe and Ultimate versions. For the rest of the titles, this DLC can be purchased separately.

Concerning the new DLC, children of the crow will offer a new story for us in campaign mode – in which we will find a rip out against the new enemy threat.

And we’ll have a new character, the so-called prankster Dana gun enthusiast and self-proclaimed preacher of the end times who joins the roster to save humanity.

On the other hand, this new Back 4 Blood DLC contains 8 exclusive character & 12 exclusive weapon – plus new weapons, attachments and maps.

Remember that before this DLC, the first “Back 4 Blood” DLC, called Tunnels of Terror, was released and is now available.