On Nintendo Switch, 20 games for less than $2 will cost the money

There are many games sold for less than two dollars. A person is looking for a gaming experience or a relaxing adventure. This time we will show you some of your options in one of the most popular games for less than 2 dollars.

In this extensive catalog, the Nintendo Switchmany has a wide variety of games that you can find for less than 2 dollars, whether it’s looking for something to play with friends or some great adventures to spend on oneself.

This time we will show you some of your options for one of the most popular games for less than $ 2 on Nintendo Switch.

Urban flow 0,99 USD

This title is about to show us the beauty of a city chen everything flows under the same order, as the player has to control by taking the traffic lights and avoiding traffic jams and accidents. Bearing in English and Spanish, as well as other languages, is possible.

Yukon 0,99 Dollar.

A game of a puzzle, adventure, simulation and strategy game by RedDeerGames for up to four players. This colorful world includes a variety of levels and victories on a rabbit’s adventures to protect the island. It is available only in English.

Get 0,99 dollars in marmoset.

Party and adventure game in Portuguese, Japan, with platform scenarios. This is a very good and effective fantasy adventure.

Addon: Far East Battle 0,99$.

One of the cheapest books. This is a game that has arcade mechanics that developers distributed, but it can be used only in English.

Sky Games 100 USD

In a party game, a 4th party, a 2nd party, filled with 20 maps, many difficulties, fun playable characters, random-generated level levels, headboards, hidden power-ups and nearly 100 unlockable cosmetics. This is available in Spanish and other languages.

Death Squared 1 o’clock.

A puzzle game with up to four players each, appreciative of party’s theme. Oriental can also be translated into English, and French, Japanese, and Portuguese.

Smash Star, 1 19 dollars.

The action platform adventure begins after several members of Kittytown disappeared. It’s up to GK-aft to find out what happened to his friends by picking up a friendly star. Another title of the Origamihero Games available in English for a single player.

This adventure has a price of $119.

A simple arcade game with a clear inspiration in cartoons. The hero will explore a mountain with his best friends and a giraffe, to stop his father becoming a hotdog. They can play Spanish by the hand of the Amor Games.

Mini Motors X 119$.

As with any arcade games, you could decide to play with action mechanics. The game of NextGen Reality is only available in English, which isn’t very relevant to the classic racing gameplay. It’s accessible only with a few vehicles that unlock and upgrade.

$3,39 o’clock.

Is action role-playing adventure focused on Dex, a mysterious blue-haired girl, who is hunted by a group that wants to exploit her unique abilities. Title mech RPG and 2D action mix.

Party Golf – 119 dollars.

And a simple party with simple mechanics to pass time. This kind of experience brings players to the first hole with the help of many special effects and multiple games.

Beautiful Desolation $1,99 $

In this adventure series with the life of Mark and his brother Don in a futuristic Land, you can turn in the game, with strategy and an epic adventure story. This is written by Untold Tales in Spanish and English.

Treasurer’s person 2,99$.

A new novel with pixelart, in this context for platform adventures, and action scenes and beautiful landscapes. The game was brought by the Olympic Games and is only available in English.

The Hong Kong Massacre has a total of $199,000.

A story, fighting and shooting title with arcade mechanics, comes to us from the hands of the untold Tales in English. A cheap game for nintendo switches based on classic action films telling us a dark story full of evasive gunshots, and a crime world.

At 999 euros, all are listed.

Inside is one of the most popular horror games in the category independent, with the odyssey of a desperate abandoned boy in a dark project that seems dark and unexplored. It is a website for Playdead and can be enjoyed in English and Spanish.

Unstrong Legacy 1 199$.

Origamihero Games offers this X-series of platforms, action and adventures for around twenty dollars in the Nintendo Switch. After destroying your base, players must start at scratch. A game full of technology and experiments for a noble purpose.

Rise Eterna 1,99 dollars.

This strategy and adventure plan follows a luas story on a journey to reveal the mysteries of their origins. This game is inspired by other classic games and has unique character and captivating stories. Forever Entertainment released the game in English, Spanish, and other languages.

Two-two people can’t afford two-two dollars.

The first person action title was invented on the Nintendo Switch in English by Forever Entertainment. The story of Marks’s family and its mental problems lies in Shakhter-One. You have to survive and reveal the secrets of the past,although it may not be enough to progress.

£1,000 per month.

Fans of puzzle and adventure games will find in this installment a thrilling reality that follows the journey of an innocent child for rescuing her sister in the eponymous LIMBO. Playdead released the game with the eShop Nintendo Switch in English, Spanish and more.

Forest Home 1 99 dollars.

In this article, as a strategy of puzzle solving, players must use their finger to draw colorful paths that bring the animals back to the forest. You should take care of the obstacles and use your skill to finish their levels.

Other Nintendo Switch items.

Table of Contents.

  • Urban Flow 0,99 dollars
  • Aloof 00,00 $
  • Marmoset 0,99$.
  • Stickman: Far East Battle 0,99 $
  • Sky Games 0,99$.
  • Death Squared 1,00 dollars.
  • Smash Star 1.19.
  • The Adventure Center, 119 $.
  • Mini Motors X 900,000.
  • Dex $ 139.
  • Party Golf 3:49 dollars.
  • Beautiful Desolation – 1 999 $!
  • Treasurers two: 1,99 euros.
  • The Hong Kong Massacre takes 1.999 dollars.
  • Inside 1:99 dollars.
  • Ireneous Legacy $1,993$
  • Rise Eterna 1.99 dollars.
  • Hollow 2 $199$
  • A LIMBO of 1 oz. ten thousand dollars.
  • Forests $149.
  • Other console items include Nintendo Switch.