On the lake of Kalandra you build your own dungeons

In The trailer for PoE 319, you build your own dungeons Each three months, the hit action role-playing game Path of Exile gets a free expansion. On August 19, you'll get lots of new weapons and skills, and with the same enthusiasm you will. However, the biggest highlight was that there was no more than one.


Road of Exile: In the trailer for PoE 3.19 you build your own dungeons.

The action game Path of Exile starts at midnight. On the 19th August this is again the time you are going to have tons of new weapons, skills and other innovations.

But the biggest highlight is the new season. In the Kalandra Challenge League, you build your own dungeons and offer powerful jewelry to him.

In Kalandra League, you can build dungeons.

In the future, the character, Kalandra, whose name is PoE pros of all time, always hears of the rarest item in the game. The Mirror of Kalandra, which allows you to double an item, is named after her.

When you enter campaigns and game maps, you’ll periodically stumble across the so-called mirror boards, on which you can build a dungeon. You can place random tiles below on a map that represents different encounters and fights.

The mirror panel you find fits up three times on your dungeon.

The difficulty in the areas depends on the amount of tiles they are from the spot, hence the rate of damage being applied to the level of time spent in the area. You will want to create a long, winding path from one corner to the other. Once the panel is completely filled, you can open an entrance to the lake and get through a building that uses your self-built dungeon.

Each trip to the lake will be deadlier than the last. With each attempt, you will find a larger panel or a pair of less difficult encounters to enlist. You also unlock rewards that allow you to further manipulate the world, repeat decisions or even completely remove unwanted choices from the pool of possibilities.

In the dungeons, you walk on a floor made of hexagonal columns.

The rewards on the high tiers of the lake offer a lot of room for experimentation: often there are enchanted trinkets with strong advantages and disadvantages here, and a mirrored version of them with positive and negative properties reversed. There’s also the capacity to mirror, distort and maximize existing rings and amulets with the risk of ruining their stats.

What else awaits you in the presentation 319.

  • Two new skills (three active, one passive) come into play.
  • 14 new unique items are introduced and over 100 old items are moved.
  • The three original league mechanics (Archnemesis, The Beyond, Harvest) are being modernized from the ground up.
  • After there was no balance change in the last league, there is still hundreds of adjustments again, including the completely renewed Trickster class.

The Trickster class has been completely redesigned.

All the latest patches can be found on the official website.

Could you find out what to say in Exile 2?

Path of Exile 2 has been quiet for a long time and it is still in existence. Grind Gear Games announced today that the first ExileCon since the first occurrence of a corona pandemic will be held at the end of July 2023.

In just a year, there should finally be fresh information on the successor, and anyone who wants to play in the beta is going to actually be able to.