Riverdale was nominated for Saturn’s 2022 Saturn Awards

The 2020 Saturn Awards, the 50th anniversary edition of the event, have been announced with no nominations - but as revealed by Deadline. The CW drama Riverdale has won the second consecutive season! Riverdale was nominated for Fantasy Television Series: Network/Cable. Among the contenders in the category were DCs Stargirl, BBC Americas [.

The 2022 Saturn Awards, the 50th anniversary edition, have been announced in order to honor the anniversary of the event. The CW drama Riverdale hasn’t won a nominee for the second-best season of the season.

Riverdale is nominated for Television Series: Network/Cable, with other contenders in the category being DCs Stargirl, BBC Americas Doctor Who, CBS freshman comedy Ghosts, La Brea on NBC and Shining Vale on Starz.

The sixth season of Riverdale was nothing short of fantasy and crazy. The series set up a new adventure that took fans to the parallel universe, gave the main characters superpowers and took them back in time for the cliffhanger finale, but it’s likely to be a seventh and final season.

The 2022 Saturn Awards will come to light on October 25th. The event will broadcast live on ElectricNOW. Watch Riverdale all six seasons now on Netflix. Season seven has already started in midseason 2023. Watch out the other segments of the series here.