Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 1, Leaving

This is the story of the Walking Dead, explained for the first episode of episode 1: Evie and John. Tales of the Walking Dead is a new anthology series set in the world of The Walking Dead. It was created by Robert Kirkman. However, instead of observing the characters in the main series or a series of spin-offs; Tales of the Great, the Greatest of the World: A story of the Greatest of the World. Two of the Walking Dead, episode 1, Ending, Explained: How Do Evie and Joe Survive The Zombies? Read More

This is the ending of The Walking Dead, which is explained for episode first, Evie/Joe. Tales of the Walking Dead is a new book titled “The Walking Dead,” created by Robert Kirkman. The first episode, which is not to follow characters from the series or its spin-offs, will follow several survivors as they face a new world with real and dangerous zombie diseases.

The first episode is in a good mood. Olivia Munn and Terry Crews play Evie and Joe. The two actors made their career more difficult, but while they can easily perform drama, they are indeed at their best when they are comingdic and bringing a touch of humor to the table. Upon repeating them as they were, the Earth of The Walking Dead is never like its humans.

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The following paragraph contains spoilers for episode 1 of The Walking Dead, Evie. Don’t read it alone, read.

How do Evie and Joe overvive The Zombie?

The first episode of Tales of the Walking Dead begins with a introduction to Joe. Joe is a very strong person, a prepper always ready to face any situation. He lives under the rock under the bridge of a soldier with his faithful dog, Gilligan. Joe has everything, and he doesn’t play football before he is old timer. Sadly, a night after the trip to Gilligan, he attacked zombies. Gilligan wants to defend Joe, but he is killed by the zombies.

Without Gilligan, Joe has no ego, loneliness. Many years before the zombie outbreak, he met a woman online, then another prepper. Their relationship started to blossom online, and they were almost ready to meet in real life. Nevertheless, the zombie zombie crisis began in a village and that meeting got on hold. Now when he’s considering the possibility he might die alone, Joe is prepared to go to the shelter and is looking for a woman that he met in the internet all the years ago. He trusts that, as a survivor, she is still alive around here.

Joe has his bike on the road. One night, he sees his bike stepping over some nails on the road and is forced to stop. He’s captured by a crate and caught by a woman named Evie. Evie plans to steal Joes bike and leave his place. She’s a new-age man and has lots of food that she’ll leave for Joe. There is a kill switch for Joe’s bike, but only he can turn on the machine. Evie decided to take Joe to gunpoint.

The pair travel together and start to know each other. They see that they might have more things in common than they thought. They like the same music, and Evie knows martial arts too. Likewise, they find out that they both search for a loved one. Joe is looking for the woman he met online before the outbreak, and Evie is looking for his husband, Steven, which she separated from herself before the outbreak.

Do you find your loved ones?

Evie tells Joe how he got separated from his husband and why he’d leave for a cabin in the woods and spread his feelings into his mind. She fears that he went to paint an ugly picture of her, and would mean she hated her. Evie recognizes, and knows, one line from one of the online conversations with the woman and, as well, where she may be located. Unfortunately, their bike is stolen, and they’ve got to take another step.

They fight and say bad things. Joe was always reclusive, and he’s not living his life. Evie was always too naive every time, getting herself in trouble without hurting himself. They were splitting. Joe has the house of the woman, now named Sandra. He warmly welcomes and throws cake for him. Joe is happy to find her. The cake had quite a sour sweetness, but Joe wasn’t able to. Sandra is splitting her boyfriend and she is going to kill him. She believes that he’s only there for her bunker.

In the meantime, Evie finds a cabin for her husband. He’s not there, but he discovers his paintings, including one of hers. And it isn’t an ugly one. It’s really pretty. That means that he loved her at the end of the day where he is. Evie comes back and finds Sandras bunker. She is eating something cake but Evie is a low-dose drinker. This makes it difficult for her to drink the drug. Sandra attempts to kill her, but Evie drops his kicks on her. Evie unties Joe, and he kills Sandra when she throws a knife into her chest.

Evie and Joe get trapped in the bunker, but Sandra got turned into a zombie. Joe thanks Evie for coming back. They decide to start a new life together and find more people that could be needed out there.