The AI picture of Final Fantasy VII is very mistaken and yet very right

The perfect superhero of all time.

Simultaneously, looks exactly like the Final Fantasy heroes.

Perhaps the success of Final Fantasy VII is better than the fact that none of the main characters seem to think that it’s weird to know that the characters name is Cloud. That wasn’t always the case, as initial people assumed that the characters name, rendered as Kuraudo in Japan’s version of the game, should be Claude, considering the truth that the name of the man is the actual name, rather than the actual energy that is reflected in the river.

However, when it came time to announce the official Latin alphabet rendering, Square said his name is Cloud. And yeah, at that time, it seemed weird, but when a fans and a fans were playing the game, the weirdness washed away, and fell in love with a game-changing masterpiece. It’s an ancient and common day, and if they don’t speak about the characters personality or visual design, there is no one really snickers in his name, since Final Fantasy VIIs Cloud is a connection of words we have all gotten used to in the past 25 years.

So, the result that he got back from an AI program Midjourney won instantly have fans saying Yep, that’s sure a Final Fantasy VII Cloud, even if the image looks totally different from the original character to the original in-game model.

(@DracoGideon) August 8, 2022

My e-mail address is “FF7 Cloud”. In a full-force picture, the message sent was “DracoGideon”.

Why is this happening? In simpler terms, online AI images generators are kind of like high-tech version of asking what image comes to mind when you hear a word The program then scans the Internet for connections between words and images, attempts to find common characteristics between examples and tries to create new images.

It seems that Midjourney could isolate Final Fantasy VII, without any problems, against the other parties who play the game. Since it seems to be confused, to observe that there are not-Final Fantasy clouds also, then it decided to create two base-based models with a fluffy cumulus with a spikey Cloud hairstyle.

The second result is a little bit bleak.

(@RifttownGideon) August 8, 2022.

Yes, that’s Cloud-y, okay. It is a wagering that when it rains that cloud drops to the Meteors. These cell lines in the Jenova are truly something, aren’t they? It seems that I have some Chocobo clouds. Humans are very powerful.

It really looks like midjourney has some good luck to create clouds, suggesting that this is because it sat hard in search of the cloud in the wind rather than the Cloud-in-Fantasy side of the interpretation.

kagamiiiiin (@kagamiiiiin89) August 10, 2022

S-Mrry (@bloodexer) August 8, 2022

() (@Neapolitan3-pas) August 8, 2022

And yes, after looking at it, there’s no way we can say that is not a picture of a Final Fantasy VII-cloud.

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