The best movies from Jamie Foxx Netflix that can be seen right now

Jamie Foxx is a gifted actor who recently turned up in his movies. From his outstanding performance in Ray Charles to some funny comedies, to the wonderful role of Django, Unchained and Dreamgirls, we would like to watch all of his movies. They are seen on many streaming networks. This is the radio show, which is the number one cause of death. A hundred best Movies of Jamie Foxx Netflix You can watch now Read More.

Jamie Foxx is a gifted actor who has been enjoying movies for many years now. From his brilliant performance as Ray Charles in Ray to its funny comedies, to the excellent roles in Django, Unchained and Dreamgirls, we are looking forward to all his movies. They’re featured on a wide variety of streaming networks. Here’s the list of the best movies you can watch by Jamie Foxx on Netflix.

Django unchained (2012).

This excellent drama is directed masterfully by Quentin Tarantino. With an impressive cast including Jamie Fox, Leonardo di Caprio and Christoph Waltz, this drama is the must-watch.

In the movie, there’s a bounty hunter named King Schultz who is looking for the help of a slave Django. This video is brilliantly played by Jamie Foxx. Django helped him both to make a living and meet Django’s wife Broomhilda. When they saw where she was taken, Django and Schultz came up with a plan to be close to the owner of a Mississippi-based plantation.

Law-righting ratification by (2009) is an invalidation of the law.

Gerard Butler is Clyde Shelton who murdered his family in a grisly murder and there is still no evidence that they actually did it. Nick Rice, played by Jamie Foxx, is an entrepreneur with circumstantial evidence and he decides to convince them to testify one against the other, which makes Shelton furious.

Ten years later, when justice needs to be served, Shelton has decided to take justice to his own hands. One man was murdered brutally and somebody tempered with the machine that hit the other. Shelton is sure the whole system failed her many years ago and will go after everyone involved in her family’s case. Rice is the one who must try to stop him.

White House by the road (2013).

To change Tatum is John Cale, an old detective whose job has never been given to the Secretary of the Treasury to protect the sworn president. He didn’t want his little daughter to get a stir in about the news, so he took her on a private tour of the White House.

He’ll be doing the job he wanted soon but without a doubt. A paramilitary group manages the White House and Cole gets a chance to save his daughter, the president, played by Jamie Foxx and finally, his whole country.

The Amazing Spiderman, 2 (2012).

Jamie Foxx’s new adversary, Spiderman’s new opponent and the main villain of this sequel, where Spiderman was able to take charge of his new hero status. He is still being used to his new lifestyle, but it’s slowly started to hurt him.

He likes to live with Gwen and dreams, but even later he will find himself in the bigger picture than himself. When his friend Harry Osborns returns, Peter will realize all of his enemies have a thing in common: Oscorp.

Stealth (2005).

In the near future, the Navy has developed a fighter jet powered by an artificial intelligence computer. A pilot has to learn from humans and placed the jet in the Pacific.

Usually computers are adapted by themselves and that new invention becomes a threat to everyone. Humans are those who should stop them before a war begins. Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel and Jamie Foxx are the pens who take this dangerous mission.

Today was the Shift (2022)

Jamie Foxx is a hardworking father who wants to provide the best life for his eight-year-old daughter. He is employed by a pool cleaner, so he may hide his real job and earn a living, like hunting and killing vampires.

Day Shift: The First Look Look of A Netflix movie in which Foxx plays A Vampire Slayer!

This movie takes us back to the 80s and 90s, brings up the old vampire vibe, with all the action, adrenaline, and that- and a great watch for anybody wanting to experience these old-style horrors.

The Players Club (1998).

Having been working at a shoe store where she meets two strippers who make them more money than she can’t imagine herself. She introduces her cousin to the job, but things go by and change.

Her cousin will cause the same issue with Diana because, amidst the fact that these two strippers are friends and that her boss is somebody she must be contending with for a legitimate living.

What time of year is in 2010,?

Due Date is a movie-drama that shows a businessman and a grandfather who goes home to Los Angeles after a business trip to Atlanta. His wife is about to have the baby and he has to be there time, but since he gets kicked off the plane because of his seatmate, his journey become all but a pleasant one.

He meets the eccentric man who was kicked out with and they then move to Los Angeles for a taxi. They come into a lot of hilarious situations and meet an array of crazy and exciting characters.

Project power (2020)

There is a new pill on New Orleans Road that allows for Superpowers for every user to unlock. The secret to this is that you don’t know what will happen until you take it. There are different reactions, some of them develop super strength or invisibility and others have far more fatal reactions.

There’s a lot of trouble, and I think, if people have no choice. During this period of life, a local policeman played by Joseph Gordon Levitt sets up a young dealer and a former soldier played by Jamie Foxx to find the group who created the pill. They’ll have to risk their lives by taking the pill and hoping that they can do it.

Stop embarrassing me! (2021 )

There are two movies that you can watch on Netflix now. He plays a single dad and a cosmetics company owner who needs to develop his skills by becoming a dad after his teenage daughter falls pregnant.

This sitcom is inspired by Foxx’ real-life relationship with his daughter, Corinne, and shows all the situations that a single mother finds herself in.