The book Kirbys dream buffet is about inhaling sweets. Next week the drinks will be free

The trailer for the latest sequel to Kirbys 3D was tweeted by Nintendo of the United States. In a tweet from Nintendo of the United States, 3 minutes on []

Since Kirbys 3D debut was released with Kirby and The Forgotten Land, Kirby fans can’t get enough of the pink bubble balls. And for some reason, Nintendo has given ardent fans what they want to the Dream Buffetit has finally announced its release date.

Watch the trailer here for Kirby’s Dream Buffet.

In a tweet from Nintendo of America, a three-minute gameplay trailer has been shown, and a date will soon be announced. This year it will be the next of the three.

To date is the birthday of Kirby. I wonder whether it is a treat in that year’s 30th anniversary.

Join 3 other friends in this fun event by local phone or by connecting with our wireless network. Kids Dream Buffet is scheduled to be released on 8/17, but no more.

Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) August 11, 2022

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While previous theories suggested that Kirbys Dream Buffet would bring the pink hero into a Fall Guys-style setting, this new gameplay trailer showed us exactly what to expect. With both of the similarities still, dreaming of a buffet wouldn’t hurt Kirby. Instead they inhale nearly any sweet treat strawberries into the most expensive poyo.

It’s great, and that’s not just our opinion as the people who made it. That’s very fun! It could be a pleasure to get started at home in 30 minutes. I’ll hear him, but you’ll get out of the woods. Get it here for all the podcast episodes.

That game will have several modes – racing, battle royale and mini-games. Race is going to help Kirby and Co. Eat strawberries in the run up to the finish.

Battle Royale will also see Kirby and pals gathering treats in designated areas. You can leverage that copybook to win against other players and knock them out. This is sure to catch fire. Finally the game starts off as a game-fighter with a sanding of ice creams, so we can avoid it to being knocked down and to have all the sweet strawberries stolen.

It is true that the rights of copy by the Kirbys Dream Buffet are very similar to those with the Forgotten Country, but these special abilities are clearly related to food. You can also unlock new classes and cosmetics by collecting lots of strawberries in the game!

Of course, with the multiplayer experience, a Kirbys Dream Buffet can be played online or locally, but the couch co-op seems to be only supported by two players one at a time.

Kirbys Dream Buffet is due to arrive on August 17, 2022 and is now accepting pre-orders. Do you plan to buy it and try to become the biggest pink poyo?