The Gothic remake trailer will be in the old mine by chance

THQ Nordic releases new trailer gothic remake This takes you in the old mine, a place where a picnic would be bad. With Alkimia Interactive, the team's focus and goal is to develop a high-quality RPG remake that'll be released on PC and next-generation consoles. In December 2019, THQ Nordic has released a [] release.

THQ Nordic releases new cinema remake To take you back to an old mine, where a picnic would have been bad.

In the development phase, the teams concentrate on creating a high-quality RPG remake that will be available on PC and next-gen consoles.

The playable trailer is in the Steam library of everybody who is a fan of the Piranha Bytes game.

Gothic is an ambitious action RPG that was developed by Piranha Bytes. In an medieval world where humans and orcs are fighting, things will not go well for humans. The king uses prisoner workers in his mining colony to extract magic ore from mines to make powerful weapons.

But things went very well. The magic dome created to prevent criminals from leaving the mining area was extinct and covered the entire valley. In the middle of this barrier, a magician is in charge of the dome, and gives a burglar the chance to take control of the colony.

The magicians were divided into two types of criminal factions.

To join one of the three mining factions, you will end up in a mission, for example, to defeat the demon called the Sleeper summoned by the Orcs. You will also be working towards the ultimate goal of the colony’s release.

The release window for Gothic Remake isn’t provided.