The mum of survival horror returned, first info and trailer

The horror game Alone in the Dark from 1992, considered the first survival horror game ever, was fairly accurate. In this article, we'll tell you what is expected of you in the new part of the First section.

Even though it was nearly sure following the recent leaks, the rumors were accurate: The horror horror classic Alone in the Dark, from 1992, is actually becoming a real sequel.

In our article, we will tell you what the story is like in the new edition of the first part of the famous horror series.

That’s what awaits you in the Dark Remake, Alone.

As far as you can imagine, well-known characters and locations will return in this remake. As in the original of 1992, you can change between two of the characters, Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood, when they decide to solve the mystery of the protagonists’ uncle’s suicide.

There, in the remake, the horror of Derceto Manor awaits always.

You return to the infamous Derceto Manor, built by Lovecraftian monsters. The story should be broadly based on originals but a massive upgrade may have been needed since Mikael Hedberg will be in charge of the story.

But many of these factors will change, too. The remake will offer a third-person perspective, but in the first trailer it is quite similar to the remakes of the Evil Escape series. But it’s not so bad to see for yourself how the two heroes dissect their sinister enemies with shotgun and pistol.


Alone in the Dark has returned! In a trailer, the first thing to say is a lot of horror and madness.

In addition to the fights, you can use eagles, including a reshape called survival horror, such as physics and physical exploration.

If you don’t wait, a release date is not yet known. However, at gamecom 2022, visitors are able to play a miniature prologue whose origins slip into the role of Grace from the Dark 2.

In addition, new games from THQ Nordic Showcase.

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THQ Nordic Showcase.

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More information about new games was announced at the Nordic Showcase on August 12. Also included: the spiritual Command & Conquer successor Tempest Rising, fresh information about the Gothic Remake and open world adventure Outcast 2.