The new season on Xbox: New games will take place from August 15th to 19th

Hello, next week on Xbox! In this weekly feature, were covering all the games coming soon to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 11, and Game Pass! To learn more about this coming game below, click on the profiles of the players below to get details of their upcoming game (release date may change). Let's jump in! [Lyna-Bomb]

Hello soon! In this weekly feature, were covering all the games coming soon to Xbox X|S, Xbox One, Windows 11, and Game Pass! Find out more on the upcoming games below. Visit their profiles for the latest information. Let’s jump in.

Dyna Bomb 2 17.08

Choose between two heroes, or both, if you want to play with a friend when you fly and bomb your enemies across 8 different levels. Explore hidden secrets, purchase weapons and upgrades, and defeat evil Dr. Brutus and his followers, and help Jack and Ela clean up their beautiful island in this platform adventure game.

The League Baseball 2022 is 16.8Optimized for Xbox X|S / Smart Delivery.

If you turn the brackets around you decide your team, you will be able to show off your skills, so you can see if you want to be named Little League Baseball World Series Champion. Or jump right into action by Quick Play. Join your friends for local multiplayer tournament action.

Unity of Midgard 16.8Optimized for Xbox X|S / Smart Delivery / Smartphone.

A game in which action, survival and roguelite are matched. Don’t suffer a bunch of invaders, such as paternal spirits and gigantic beasts that threaten every night to destroy the seed of Yggdrasil, the sacred tree that you swear to protect. Only by protecting the seed you and your tribe can turn Ragnarok into the end of the world!

way of the hunter 16.8Optimized for Xbox X|S]|S1st Edition.

Face the challenges of ethical hunting with a adreneous story, or simply enjoy exploration of the rich environment. This authentic hunting experience exists in large open-world environments across the United States and the Middle East to learn and explore lets hunt. Discover lifelike animals in beautiful natural habitats and earn various weapons of art and a realistic skill.

Adhesive trivia 17.08

Ask your friends or family to submit over 800 questions in 15 categories. Do a local televised game or battle against the AI as you have the choice to play four or eight rounds (or just the ones you like) – True or False, Multiple Choice, Memory and image-based questions.

Robo Revenge Squad 17,08

Robo Revenge Squad is a 1-4-player co-op action game with all the weapons. Combat alien robots using robots made from everyday objects like refrigerators, disco balls, baseball bats and more.

Smash Boats Waterlogged Edition 17.08

Smash Boats is an action title inspired by the golden age of arcade gaming. When players were trying to go into a collective quest to win all levels and add to their growing trove of unlockables, players embarked on the quest. The next time you get to the top is fast, but a sea of enemies, crazy Mayday events and many environmental obstacles will take you to a stop.

Chameneon 18.08

A 2D platformer/runner with very vivid and beautiful pixel art. In the game, a virus has infected the cyberspace, so it’s the responsibility of you to sign the protocol Chameneon. Go surfing neon lines in cyberspace and defeat the virus before it’s too late.

Dishes from golf 18.08.

A new twist of golf and roguelike subgenres. Take your way through a hole within the quotient. Your curse will bring you back to the beginning of the course. To add to that challenge, these courses don’t only have bunkers and rough spots, they’re also full of crazy obstacles like high-powered fans, spikes, TNT boxes, teleporters, etc.

Campfire: Forsaken Lands 18,08

An idle survival simulation game where you build, explore, craft and survive. Build your settlement in a snowy camp and manage workers and resources to survive the night’s monster attacks. Slowly you can learn more than your building or your crafting options, enter and trade new civilizations and discover the mysteries of the ancient world.

Tile pulsar 18.08

Inspired by the popular minesweeper and with improved graphics and theme layers. Currently, the game’s only available as one theme, Castle, with the future theme available as DLC. This set consist of 99, 1616, and 3016 grids, with arcades coming in non-standard shapes and sizes.

Tanks 19.08.

A fun and imaginative experience of being a toy tank where you can trade points to recruit friendly tanks for the fight and strengthen your team. Against each level, you’re against opposing toy cars that encourage movements and accuracy while you find cover. Use the radar, fire and ricochet projectiles, and other to steal points and make the right decisions.

Madden NFL 23 19.08Optimized for Xbox X|S series X|S

Just play the history books Madden NFL 23. In any case, you’ll be with the same speed that you follow in a franchise mode with free agency and trading logic updates. If you follow the path of the Franchise: The League and set the best team at Madden Ultimate. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Members with EA Play will play All Madden Edition on 8/15 and they will be able to play Madden NFL 23 on the 15/15 of the year.

Rattyvity Lab 19.08

Sam is a lab rat who was used to experiments in a long time. As per these experiments, he acquires electromagnetic powers and is now able to connect boxes now he intends to use this power for his freedom and escape the lab to explore a platform puzzle.

A story to tell from a newspaper. refolded 19.08.

A puzzle platformer that tells the story of Line, a magic paper character who uses origami to shapeshift. A frog, rocket, bird and more, Line embarks on a mission to fulfill his creators dreams.