The Overwatch film celebrates its sixth anniversary

Until the first time Activisions Overwatch franchise was released, a video of the third installment has just been released to commemorate this event. The overwatch is blowing its candles into us for six years. Activision is giving a big event called Overwatch Anniversary Remix for the occasion. That is [email protected].

Since Activisions Overwatch franchise has been released in six years, so the video has just been released to mark the anniversary of the special event.

Overwatch has been blowing on us for those six years. Activision is organizing a huge event called the Overwatch Anniversary Remix. This event is composed of three major events. During these events, you can open Anniversary Chests with different items. The latest volume is now available until the 9.At the end of August.

Watch is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.