‘The THQ Nordic Digital Showcase’ is a summary of the show

The Nordic Digital Showcase at the THQ today showcased world-class games, from racing, wrestling, action-adventure, RTS, RPGs and many more. We also have some sequels to the THQN favorites, new games and some surprises. Let's look at what happened: Get ready for the [] first day.

The Danish Digital Showcase featured games from all over the world, from racing, wrestling, action-adventure, RTS, RPGs and more. We’ve also been seeing some sequels to popular TV and THQN favorites, new game experiences and some surprises! Look at the revelation here.

Prepare yourself for the return of a survival horror icon Alone in the dark.

The franchise that defined the survival horror genre, comes to Xbox with the reimagining of Alone in the dark. Developer Pieces Interactive takes the time to break the rigs of the game, reviving the classic setting while simultaneously changing and reimagining the game for a new generation of players. The first story on the XXIXXXI century resembles the original of the American Southern Empire. You’ll visit an expanded and remodeled Derceto Mansion, the original player’s location, and play a classic survival horror game that made the original so famous.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGKIlyk1 bzw

Crypto has returned. To try to destroy all humans with a license.

Grab and catch your way to the next level! The authors of the book, THQ Nordic and developers, “Black Forest Games” present Cryptos return to the Xbox Games Destroy all humans! 2 Inquired. With Crypto – the most popular alien invasionr who returns with a license to probe – embark on a Swinging 60s-inspired adventure. Once again, he’s much more dangerous than ever.

The return of the classic Gothic action RPG, now updated by the new generation of gamers.

With the arrival of the Xbox platforms soon, Gothic is a reimagining of the legendary games on which played the game played the 2001 ball. Developer Alkimia Interactive plans to bring back and build on the unique atmosphere and gameplay of the legendary original, mixed with the modern RPG game design, so that the series is up to date. The way we think about Gothic, we take our punishments for a never named prisoner in the ruins of the king’s kingdom. It shows how you choose and get on the right track of a choice and act, not only of a fate, but of the colony itself.

The new nifty chapter of this classic open-world adventure franchise released on October 3rd, is a new beginning.

The first developer at the helm of the original, Justice Studios delivers the long-awaited sequel to Xbox. It’s a new adventure set on the fremden planet of Adelpha where all-powerful Yods resurrected the clever, live-shooting ex-Navy Seal, Cutter Slade or the Ulukai as they like to call him. With his trademark jetpack that lets you jump, zoom and glide, you’ll cross the dangerous, beautiful, and handcrafted open world. The journey will lead you to the story, with the music accompanied by a song by Lenny Moore.

Explore over 100 miles of terrain in the wild in the authentic hunting experience yet through the hunter’s experience.

Experience a next-gen hunting experience from the developer Nine Rocks Games in collaboration with THQ Nordic. the hunter travels through the old hunting grounds of the Pacific Northwest and takes on multiple challenges from hunting moose and deer to waterfowl. This game also permits you to practice hunting in Transylvania where you can find wild boar and grizzly bears. With the ingenious system simulates the life cycle of thousands of creatures, you’ll learn how to track animals, understand the environment and study dozens of different species of different creatures that are recreated with authentic behaviors to get to the top.

Welcome to Mixworld. You can fire, stunt, and take off, so you can force your car.

Three Fields Entertainment, and the Burn out and Need speed franchise, designed and operated wreck reaction will be your ultimate open world driving experience. Fill the mixworld, a 400 square kilometers racing kingdom where you can create, shape and destroy as you see fit. Here you must overtake and stunt the friends around the world, in the direction of the train and the direction that you created your personal own. Your Mixworld is an arcade drawing canvas. It helps you to get your imagination through and into the way you’re thinking about it.

All Elite Wrestling: Fight Forever brings Xbox One a new battlefield experience.

THQ Nordic brings to Xbox fans the glamor and action of All Elite Wrestling, the sports-entertainment franchise that has stormed TNT and TBS networks. The All Elite Wrestling: Fight Forever was designed to use nostalgic arcade gameplay and take full control of the entire spectrum of finishers and tandem offensive moves youve met from AEW. In no time you will fight like a WT pro with many famous stars in the ring while focusing on the thrill of fast, fast-paced and frantic combat.

SpongeBob returns in a brilliant new adventure SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake.

Are you ready kids SpongeBob and Patrick return to Xbox? Joyfully trip to different make-believe nations, all with their own setting and rules, like Wild West Jellyfish Fields filled with wacky cowboys or Halloween Rock Bottom, where everything can happen. Take advantage of this upcoming 3D platformer, where you decide your favorite costume and take care of your platforming skills, like karate? What could’ve gone wrong? Do it with your favorite sponge and his buddies to make a smooth scab.