The video game 2023 will arrive very soon through an update

With the upcoming eFootball update, Konami took the chance to announce the new eFootball update. The new season is starting to start at the end of August 2023. This was announced by the games' official account through social media. As to prepare for the new season, we'll update eFootball 2022 (in preparation).

With all the major European football leagues running, Konami took the chance to announce the new eFootball update. The new season will begin at the end of the summer as eFootball 2023. This was announced with social media on the official account of the games.

During the course of the season, we will update eFootball 2022 to eFootball 2023.

Hopefully, more information will be available soon. Stay tuned!

eFootball (@play_eFootball) August 12, 2022.

The new eFootball 2023 update will be released to all available platforms for free. Team lists will be updated with new signings, club promotions and relegations in their respective leagues. All the money earned through eFootball 2022 by the players themselves will survive in this new update: players, coaches, the coins and points of eFootball, the GPs, the experience items, etc.

Konami announced a major licensing update in November 2022. During this maintenance phase, some players will disappear from the eFootball 2023, although this will be compensated by the cashew in-game items of equal value. You can look into the information about the official Konani release by clicking the link below.

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