The Witch-Ley’s a new story! Learn more on what’s new in Season 18!

The season of Destiny 2 is on a rapid slope now, and in the actual This Week at Bungie, the developers have commented on further revisions that you can expect in the new season. The upcoming Season 18 of Destiny 2, which is supposed to start in about two weeks, will not only bring to it [[] the competition] — and will not only begin in the same way it goes.

The upcoming Season 18 of Destiny 2, expected to begin in two weeks, will not only bring with it the overdue revision of the elemental power Arkus has missed. Along with Arkus 3.0, there are many revisions, some of which, and named in the New Year’s This Week edition at Bungie, will definitely make you happy.

Among other things, the less frequently used weapon types will receive significant buffs to attract players. Scout rifles, heavy grenade launchers, and light bows should in particular receive significant buffs. There are also revisions to the glaives arising from various exotic armor pieces. Some perks, like Iron Banner and Gambit, are getting revised to make them more useful. In general, weapons should soon offer more opportunities for champions to kill.

Bungie also does not unstoppable things when it comes to exotic weapons, and, in particular, makes significant changes to most seldom used specimens. Some like the shotgun Lord of the Wolves or Deadmans Tale are completely revised. For example, the former is greatly defused, but improves for PvP. The second weapon is reworking some stats that were causing unwanted damage scaling.

The Complete list of changes is found in this week’s Bungie on the 11th August.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Season of the Haunted Solar 3.0 Developer Insight.

After the redesign of the Void subclass, the new season of the haunted is the turn of the solar subclass and it’s the revised video with some information ready for the latest update.