There’s only one manufacturer who would make me stop buying Pixel

The Android market is more and more large, of such a wide range, in different ways, so it is difficult to decide on a new model rather than another option. Because the mobiles should often be changed, either because we are fed up with them, or because [she] doesn't eat them.

In many times the Android market is so big, so wide, so varied, and it is difficult to decide whether to buy one or the other model when we want to renew. Because of the rapid changes in mobiles, either because of the fed up with them, or because they end up trespassing up a damaged mobile device. Now it’s time to decide and many factors are in play.

In my specific case, when I got used to the mobile, a new Xiaomi Mi 9, I switched to a Google Pixel 5, and a variety of reasons. For a clean system, without nonsense, for a top camera team, for design (I don’t lie to you) and some work (hello Android Betas). And now there is only one brand that would abandon Pixels. This brand is nothing but OPPO.


The devil does better know more about being older than anything.

Sisan, y el cortudo del teror (una esqueencia de Javier Cansado y las más que debesa en los quadrillionos) pueda una de su resalar por los abras tamos, hacen se abercado. Whoever writes about mobiles since 2009 has a good reputation for that and I am capable of focusing on mobiles and analysing all these types of products. And for sure, several times.

The original price, and only a smartphone, started with the HTC Hero and continues with the Google Pixel 5 that I own today. We have many people, and for now, I think we’ll stay in touch with the Pixel for several years. Eyes I think. I loved Nexus before, and the Pixel 3a XL sitting in my drawer and the Pixel 5 currently I did.

But the last years I could gradually fall in love with another brand of phones that quickly and surely eroded the market. I spoke about OPPO, a brand that is now in its second coming date (yes, the OPPO find 5 were already sold in Europe before the second landing) and that walk on a solider ground.

I discovered some of her latest models, from cheap profiles like the OPPO A5 2020 to models that are more powerful and require larger things, like the OPPO Find X3 Lite. Or like the OPPO Reno4 5G whose effects made me befriend me at a large number of levels. And I can only say that the company which does that right now thinks of OPPO is the best at all.

A signature — a now becoming recognizable stamp — is rapidly becoming recognized.

While OPPO gives clear signatures of their phones, no matter what the price is due to the fact that they have their phone numbers and a price, it makes clear that they have a phone bill. We are talking about phones that stand out for their autonomy, but some of the blame lies with a layer that is a lot in the background with the execution plane. We are talking about smartphones, but at least for now, they’re on the back of durability. And were talking about phones that still work a bit more than what they have expected of them. There are three points to remember.

The OPPO also proves to be very powerful in photography; something important in our time, but over the past few years, it has been a long time since the future, and we have been able to compete with the best cameras of the season. And, that is not enough that the OPPO find X5 Pro (add whatever dose you wish) could be the telephone of the year 2022 once the year is over. Okay. I took a phone out of the equation.

It isn’t the only one who does it right, but OPPO knows how to be the best.

Other brands use their tricks as a weapon in the best way possible, and each of them shows a strong competitiveness in the market. And in my opinion, the most successful OPPO is now, so if they do not continue with Pixels (if you do not change our phone in this house) I think the last OPPOs to be released in the coming years would be yes or yes. Knowing things are good when they are done is right. Today, the OPPO is doing very well. Tomorrow will see tomorrow!