They claim these are Ashs 10 best rivals to date in anime

We have a new list with some of the most popular franchises by igamesnews. You're talking Pokemon. In the list that we leave you below, we can see what would be the best rivals of Ash in anime of the franchise ordered from best to worst according to the criteria. []

Essentially it’s about Pokémon.

In the list below, see what would be best rivals of Ash in the anime of the franchise order from best to worst, according to Screenrant’s criteria. The first place this time on the list is occupied by Polo, one of the most iconic rivals of the protagonists, followed by Alain. You can find the list here.

  • 1. Polo
  • 2. Alain
  • 3. Gary Oak
  • 4. The sword
  • 5.Ritchie
  • 6. Sabino
  • 7. Trip
  • 8. Wait
  • 9. Benito
  • 10. Morrison

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