This extravagant company gives you an iPhone 14. If you buy one of her smartphones, you can have a smartphone

Take a car now and get an apple, then with a iPhone 14 when it arrives, its the latest Caviar craze. We discussed the Caviar brand - an extravagant company that makes iPhones and jewels transformable into authentic jewels - to thousands of dollars. And this time they're going.

Try the iPhone right now and buy it from the phone and bring you an iPhone 14. It’s the latest Caviar craze.

08/13/2022 12:01

We told you to more than one occasion about Caviar. An extravagant brand that modifies their iPhones and turns them into genuine jewels worth thousands of dollars. And once again they continued their research, offering an iPhone 14 as gift for the purchase of a modified smartphone, and a set of jewels.

With the upcoming launch of the iPhone 14 brewing, the company has put its name on this and will get to know its potential customers. The problem with their mobile phones is they can be obsolete within weeks, and they want to counter that with this offer.

The iPhone 14 isn’t quite as good as it looks. HENDERED PAR SHAILESH in an AOL.

Buy an iPhone for $8, and give you an iPhone 14 for free.

According to the advertisement that can be read on its official website, Caviar will give the iPhone 14 to all users who buy a device that costs more than $8,000. That is something the majority of them encounter. Too few collections come under this price.

And if you get an iPhone that looks more expensive than $8,000, then Caviar will give you airpods. We don’t know whether iPhone 14 or free AirPods will be modded or factory versions.

If you buy a new one, there is an expensive modified device that Caviar has to give you a portable iPhone.

Get a free iPad 14 by ordering a smartphone with 8000 dollars or more.

There’s no doubt that Caviar devices for everyone’s budget aren’t phones, they are jewelry. It’s limited editions that cost several thousand dollars. It’s reserved for very selective users. It’s always curious how one can pay a lot of money on the device that it will cease to be a pointer in a few years.

Even though this is an old fashioned phone, now Caviar wants to solve the problem by offering an next-generation iPhone. This hasn’t yet been submitted. Of course this is a strategy that could come from that luxury brand.

We have a watch-inspired iPhone 13 with a $50,000 bond.

A recollection of a number of iPhone 14 stock available for gifts, one can only give a little more, so when writing this paper, only nine presents were left. Well, if nine others make a point of this crazy utopian idea, and decide to spend over 88,000 dollars on one of their limited-edition iPhones.