What time is the initiation of Walking Dead?

If you like the Walking Dead universe, time to grab popcorn and favorite walker plushie because the new Tales of the Dead are coming up in the new series.

For those of The Walking Dead fans, time to get popcorn and to your favourite walker plushie because the new adventure is about to hit the screen. No long before we can expect! Watch the new version of your current favorite movie from the zombie universe.

What time is the Premiere of Walking Dead Tales?

According to the Tales of the Walking Dead Twitter account, the first episode of Tales of the Walking Dead has already premiered on AMC+ this week. The music will premiere this Sunday, August 14th at 9 p.m. At the East (8 p.m. The central part of the city.

Heres the famous tweet, with all times and days going to air, making it so easy for everyone to glance and remember quickly.

Walking Dead on the Garden of the Dead on AMC, August 9-2022.

If you are an AMC+ subscriber, you can watch every episode a week in advance compared to the regular schedule at AMC. This seems to be a trend on AMC+ with all the Walking Dead. If you ask me, it’s very tempting.

The Walking Dead, the story. Credits: AMC.

What is the story of this series?

The Walking Dead has a lot of new-and-old characters.

The first episode starred Terry Crews and Evie. This one will be slightly different to what was used to; both actors’ sense of humor is general and Terry’s role gets so comedic.

In addition, check out this closer look at the trailer with more analyzed approaches.

We were told that at least some episodes will give us a close glimpse of the future, which sounds fascinating.

The movie was held on Sunday in celebration of the premiere.

[email protected] has taken over Instagram this Sunday for @AMCTheWalkingDeads.

The Walking Dead on the AMC (@Walking Dead) August 13, 2022.

In this series, one episode will run an hour and feature a different story from Walking Dead to Walking Dead.

If you want to become the first to watch this new series, you can subscribe to AMC+ through AppleTV, Amazon Prime Video and Roku. Find more about the AMC+ website.

Apart from this spinoff, we also have a lot of other people in our hearts, such as the daryl and the Negans island of the Dead and the Rick and Michonne spinoff.

In a Comic-Con panel, the spinoff Rick and Michonne was announced. Watch the video below and learn more details here. Danai Guirira and Andrew Lincoln said they are heavily involved in that spinoff, which has a lot of hope about the quality and the quality of the product.

Lincoln told the crowd that I can’t wait to get back on my cowboy boots.

Gurira told the group: We have gotten together and have been cooking a meal We owe you the conclusion of this story!

Have you seen the first episode of Tales? What do you think of that?

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