Who’d win and why? (MCU, Comics)

Sometimes it seems like villains in the MCU are getting stronger and stronger, while heroes are finding harder to find ways and tactics to defeat them each time. Recently, we were introduced to a goddess of death and a shit by the category 1. If you don't know who she is, please email him. Hela vs Thanos: Who Would Win and Why? (MCU & comics) Read More.

Sometimes villains in the CU only continue to become more powerful, while heroes find a way to learn the secrets of being in a hurry to defeat them. Recently we were introduced to the Goddess of Death and the Life Ender, a category 1. If you don’t know what we say, you should prepare yourself, a moment while we’re entering town, or if we don’t know who they are discussing that, you must prepare yourself so we can use them for Himla and Thanos, or who’ll win if these two were both eve up against each other. Let’s try to solve the problem with an examination of their background in both MCU and Marvel comics, weapons and abilities. So in a fight against Thanos, who is stronger?

Thanos would win against Hela. We must consider whether Thanos has the Infinity Gauntlet in this fight or not. Hela is a very powerful person. But if she were up against Thanos with the Gauntlet, no way would she stand a chance against the Stones that control the whole universe. If Thanos didn’t have the Gauntlet, Hela could beat him, but it would not be a good fight. We aren’t sure she would win.

Let’s break down each of the characters weapons, abilities and powers in order to see how and why they would win or lose in a fight.


According to comics, Hela, known as the Asgardian Goddess of Death, is a girl of Lokis who’s one of Lokis’ incarnations. The interesting thing is she’s actually born in the area of giants. Odin named her the goddess of the Dead by giving her power over worlds called Hel and Niflheim.

The MCU introduced her in the movie Thor: Ragnarok, which is presented as Odin’s firstborn. Before Thor and Loki arrived, Hela was his successor. Then, he became the exiled emperor and commandor of Einhorjar (Asgardian army). Odin and she conquered all nine realms.

During their tour de realms, she could be seen on a giant wolf named Fenris and even stood on that fox as a worthy wolf during this period. She was also in a position to give a tyrosword along with her necroswords.

Odin decided that it was no longer worth going out of the war, but Hela disagreed with him. He managed to subdue her and banish her to Hel where she was supposed to stay for almost eternity. To ensure his banishment and to protect Asgard, Odin kept his life to Helas, so that she wouldn’t escape as long as he was alive. He even stripped her of Asgardian history and records, making sure she was completely forgotten.

As a character in the film, Hela has superhuman power, speed, stature, and longevity. She is a very skilled combater. She has great psychic and mental powers, including astral projection, levitation, and illusion. She can also manipulate dark magic. She has many abilities and powers which make her a person you don’t want to cross paths with.


The comics and the MCU both state that Thanos is a warlord from Titan. He’s half a liar and half a hive, and this is his cousin race, and it made him stand out all his life in the crowds.

In the comics, her mother felt hunch about him destroying all life in the universe, so she tried to kill him while her father stopped her. What is interesting about Thanos is that he was a pacifist when he was young; however as soon as he began to move towards adulthood, he became infatuated with nihilism and entropy and fell in love with the comics embodiment of death Mistress Death.

Is Thano the Powerful Eternal?

Since he is part eternal, there is no doubt he is very strong, not just strong, and indeed, he is, for certain, one of the greatest beings in the MCU and comic books. Comics Thanos, greatly strengthened by the addition of his Eternal heritage to Deaviants, as well as his use of mystic and powers given by Death itself. In both comics and MCU, Thanos gets intofinity – and his gauntlet make him virtually indestructible.

Hela is also a superhuman and enigmaticist and can show telepathy and telekinesis. What makes her special is that he is resistant to any kind of psychic or physical attack. Basically, this guy is, too, graced with too many abilities, so as to not comprehend everything, so he’s even scarier than the gods of death.

Hela and Thanos: Strength and speed.

The characters were all gifted with superhuman speed, strength, and stamina.

On one side, Thanos have no problem enduring or inflicting pain over a long time. From physical age, Thanos is one of the most dangerous animals to kill in the entire state, where his natural ability would allow him to live longer than most of them. He uses cosmic energy to drive his own metabolism, which means he fights till death. He is definitely physically superior to himla in that sense.

Even if it weren’t physically stronger, Thanos could stay a short while fast enough for him to follow Helas movements, he could easily be overwhelmed. Hela can endure any kind of damage, but he is sneaky (as ever so happens her father in the comics is Loki), and if we combine that with speed and durability, Thanos can’t be a match for her, a reason which makes this argument go in Helas favour.

Hela, Thanos, 0 oma, 0 oma.

Hela and Thanos: Magic and science.

Since Hela is a goddess, he’s given access to all kinds of magic. That, according to the comics and the MCU, she draws her powers from Asgard.

The way she can travel takes time and space, and her ability to teleport is directly linked to her powers and speed. She is capable of levating, creates illusions and even do limitsless astral projection while she’s able to retain most of her powers and abilities. He known as a man that fires deadly bolts out of his hands. Hela is well-equipped to communicate in telepathology, but she’s not allowed to play with her warriors.

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Her most iconic move in the comics, called “God of Glory”, uses mystical energy to strengthen her punch, making it impossible for anybody to survive – even divine immortal beings. To all this, she might be a danger to someone (mostly mortal beings from Earth, but you should mention it).

Thanos is known for its science-oriented approach and keeping up with the latest scientific discoveries. One can think of a lot of science – and he uses his intelligence to create more, less advanced technologies, weapons, and transportation than modern-day Earth can produce – at that time.

He also uses teleportation, but his ability to teleport is connected to his special chair. It is said that the chair is powered by technomysticism, thus allowing him to telepathically connect to it. This makes her available to travel anywhere in time and space, so as to travel to alternate universes.

That one may seem to be a bit harder to decide, but well give a point to Thanos. Even though magic is unlimited and scary, so as we saw from many other heroes and villains, if Helas magic is bound to Agard, she depends a lot on the possibility of not becoming killed (and as we saw from Thor: Ragnarok, that’s possible). We can be sure there will always be scientific discoveries in the world and the universe. With Thanos being a genius, this is a genius he can simply lose.

Hela 1, Thanos 1, and youla, Ila 1.

Hela and Thanos: Army and military equipment.

Let’s start with Thanos on this, as it’s likely an obvious one. Just as the Avengers are infinity and Endgame, a huge number of evil and sinister beings waiting to come to his service with us are sure to be ready. He doesn’t practically ever go to a fight without his army, which is so numerous, both in infantry and air force. They are the armed forces that are called Blackmen, who they are very weak and very qualified. Arguments for this can easily be found on the big screen both in movies.

As well as comics, Thanos is known for collecting all infinity stones, and for his own collection. Like the movies where he collects and uses it once, before they wipe him out, he often goes into his possessions and is, of course, unstoppable. Being possessing all six stones enables the whole universe to enjoy a place of control.

Hela should also not be underestimated. Hel’s army consists of the dead and regenerated to serve him. This army is a vicious one, and it would be logical to assume that its limitless in the sense that there are too many dead in Hel and Niflheim for her to use all at once. She could easily get more people than once she feels like losing. In all of the battles he had, he was always followed by a great asgardian wolf Fenris, who also came in the fight.

In Thor: Ragnarok, you can see Hela creating your own weapons without being fooled. Given his speed and ability to design many blades at her best, this useful skill can be valuable when attacking. In the movie, she used a powerful pen to dissect the entire Einherjar, but in the comics she has mentioned that her, Hand of Glory is the iconic weapon that many immortals aren’t escaping.

It is inevitable that if the two army units were put together on the field, they would end up fighting. Then, the more powerful they were, then that will be the best of their time. Although Thanoss has more weapons, on the one side, and the more better equipped Thanoss army could take out most of Hislas army, as it’s so easy as to replace them – made her army much more durable.

Thanos is infinity-class with his Infinity Gauntlet. This weapon can turn all the Helas army, and all of her blades into dust in seconds. If Thanos didn’t have the gauntlet, so Hela would stand a chance; of course that would be a very long fight, considering Thanoss durability. We don’t offer any points to Thanos here, so chances of him going down are quite small.

Hela, Thanos, and Yla.

Hela to Thanos: (In)vulnerability and death.

Hela, again being the Norse Goddess of Death, is immortal. As far as she can, Asgard would die, if he was to be destroyed like Thor: Ragnarok. She has a pact with Death which allows her to claim souls to Hel of Niflheim, her touch is deadly to mortals and her powers of death are apparently only reserved for immortal beings. All in all, this is hard to kill.

The thing of the interesting thing about Hela is his cloak. It is a gift for her character and beauty, and keeps her healthy and young. It’s probably the one thing that could save her from the Infinity Gauntlet, but just that. If she could lose it, the two parts of Hela still are beautiful, strong, and healthy, while the other rotting away.

In comic novels, Thanos don’t have to go on without food, water or air for enough time. He is a fighter against all terrestrial diseases, which he has for hardly ever survives due to his blessing from Lady Death after she resurrected him. In the movie, Thanos died twice before Thor cut his head and then Stark put his weapon in the sand.

Is Thanos a god, a god? & Is it immortal?

Here, give the points to Helas immortality. Yes, Thanos is durable and yes, he has a Gauntlet, but even with the gauntlet is there a great possibility of putting up his hands to kill Hela due to his cloak. Asgard could try to get her cloak out, but she won’t go. The movie and comics version of him may be extremely difficult to kill, but it still is possible.

You can have two kilos.

Hela vs. Thanos: Conquests and strategy.

We won’t go into details of all the conquests of these two villains, with one too big figure to count. This thing has significance: Hela has mostly focused on Asgard and its nine realms throughout the comics, though Thanos has much interest in wiping out the entire universe and succumbed to it a few times.

Asgard is an important civilization of the universe. If Hela can beat it down, there is no doubt she is a powerful being. She is a smart, strategic, and overrided person that has repeated successes in its career. It’s pretty bad that she attacked Loki and beat him a few times. If we were to discuss his durability, combat with Thor where she was the victor will certainly make me angry. That is one that I would hardly have prayed to the universe, despite the fact that many failed to do the exact things.

Unfortunately, she also lost Asgard many times, most recently because she did not get to fight in Thor, which resulted in her death.

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Thanos is a great strategist and has proved successful in most of his conquests. He don’t just use his strength, strength or power like many other villains. He is accustomed to situations that are always a few steps ahead of his opponents (a great example of this is Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, even if he ended up dead).

Thanos is even a bit concerned for a lot of accomplishments, the one that, for sure, is the demolition of the Avengers. Thanos has also succeeded in taking the side of Thor, although the reticence of Thor, so he eventually managed to kill him in at least one timeline. Let’s look at a man’s tallest Avenger hulk.

While Hulks believed to be the best being in MCU and comics, Thanos quickly beat him. He’s a big influence; he has the all-blood of his heart. Thanos robbed him in the suffrage of the death, leaving him in the frankness and determination of his self-interest. Thanos can take on Hulks pure rage and make it seem so simple, he can take on anything.

It would be nice if Thanos proved his power over many races, universes and timelines. Hela has never let it end a whole universe because she doesn’t see anything without meaning. If she wanted someone dead or perhaps more alive in Hel and Niflheim in general, she could’ve just lost her soul or used some of her death power on them.

She always wanted Asgard and its nine realms, and was constantly in the narrative as a kid. She always wanted to have fun with Asgard and his friends and became friends. Thanos is only partially confined by his vision of ending the universe or rather rebirthing it. He defeated many powerful heroes and even more powerful villains. If Thanos would go for Asgard in order to defeat Hela, one or two of them, might only discuss the matter, and that one would be faster and more tactical in preserving/destroying it.

Hela 2, Thanos 3 and Hela 2, 3 and 1.

The premise is the fact that there is no one in the house.

Hela is definitely an effective antithesis to Thanos. Until the end, it was a tie, because these two villains have great power that make them indestructible among all the universe. If Hela has some defects in the comics, like her cloak or asgard’s powers, she might possibly put up a fight, but only one of them can beat Thanos. She seems like a chance with the Singing Gauntlet in his case and with the Infinity Stones, he’s unbeatable.

You have the whole spectacle, divided into pieces to see who and why could win in a very spectacular fight.