Why does a child in prey have a lone cannon?

The prey, the newest addition to the Predator franchise, was a long time since the first time that predators came to the earth to meet Native Americans, realizing that humans were the toughest predators to hunt on Earth. Although there are obvious similarities with the rest of the franchise, fans wonder, why doesn't it stand to the other side of it? Why does the predator in Prey have a torn ring? Read More

Prey is the newer member of the Predator franchise and took us hundreds of years back to the time when Predators first came to Earth and encountered Native Americans, and realized that humans were the hardest prey on the planet to hunt. While there are obvious similarities between the two of the others, fans wonder, why does Prey have the iconic shoulder cannon?

According to the director, Dan Trachtenberg, he believed that giving the Predator the signature shoulder cannon would bring them too much money, with less advanced technologies for them, he decided to remove it.

The Predator universe and lore have some theories at once. The shoulder cannon, known as the Plasmacaster, is a technology which Yautja picked up from the scene of Prey. The other thing is that the predator in Prey didn’t get any honor to defeat its prey too easily, even if he decided not to use the Plasmacaster. Let’s see what is in store.

Why does the prey have no liar?

The Predator shoulder canon, aka Plasmacaster, is one of the most iconic machines that the original Predator used. It’s a high-tech gadget with a 3-point laser-axed system attached to the Predator biomask to control its operation.

The weapon is extremely advanced and allows the Yautja to hunt and defeat even the toughest prey. Why does the President of Prey have an arm arm while fighting the Colony family? That’s a question that he was fighting with the Comanche Nation.

In an interview by The Empire with Dan Trachtenberg, he wanted to get rid of the shoulder cannon because it was too expensive for the Comanche to answer it. A predator would easily defeat them with it:

One of the things I wanted to remove was the rotor. Just because it felt like a push of the moment. I wanted to ensure that the fight would be as exciting as possible without avoiding its advantages. He lacks all the tools he has in the newer movies. But he has a lot of new gadgets to see.

But what makes sense is that the Yautjas operate. Their society is based on hierarchy, which is based on achievements and honor. Since Prey has been a 300 years past, the Predator has done an excellent job of fighting the members, members from the Comanche Nation.

The young warrior, who is an excellent warrior, is high-skilled and skilled. While their technology was limited to the modern Predator movies, alien species had limited effect. So, the predator likely decided not to use all of his gadgets to make the hunt better honorable and difficult.

Did Predators have plasmasonic technology in prey?

In all honesty, it isn’t very clear if the Yautja was already equipped with Plasmacaster if Prey happened. This has always been a must-have. Until then, the predator’s decision to leave the hunt more difficult or they haven’t even got it yet.

That would explain the alien’s more tribal designs. The mask made from bone, a shield, darts and more, is a bit closer to the Comanche Nations technology and weapons.

What does the prey look like differently? Explained

In an interview, Trachtenberg broke down the trailer for Prey and revealed that he got a lot of design inspiration from a well-known film game God of War: the World War II game.

I recently told you that in the movie God of War, I realized that this was the latest way of getting inspiration. One of these is his shield that you briefly see. And the other isn’t a GPS gadget, but just the way that Nadu has the axe, she’s inventing that Tomahawk something so cool.

That is the reason that you make a play of that game. I think the shield is so cool. There are two things that are the same, but even those two things are different.

However, he added, “It was true.”

I think that my predator does not only exist, it said, 300 years ago, but also in sci-fi movies, time moves slowly. If it’s like a lifetime that will function with Star Wars or even Trek, you know. Ships aren’t suddenly as different as that.

But perhaps this guy is from another planet and from a different breed. Even his look is very new, but a bit familiar. We’re excited for people, even dying fans, to really see something they didn’t know before.

That opens up another theory that will probably be true about why the Predator doesn’t have a shoulder cannon.

How did Predators get their shoulder cannons?

Because, as I said before, the theory was that the Predator had already developed the Plasmacaster technology, but didn’t use it. But what if that wasn’t the case? What is the deal when the Yautja benefited from Prey’s research?

According to Trachtenberg, the Yautja have been traveling the galaxy for centuries, finding planets and predators worthy of hunting and collecting as trophies. So, what if the Yautja began to find the Plasma-dark technology in the 300 years of Prey and the earliest predator movie on another planet, and stole it?

The technology is probably used against them. With the knowledge that it’s better than their smart darts used in Prey, the Yautja ran away the Plasmacaster technology, and changed it to better do so with their high-tech gadgets and masks.

How are you wearing Predator movies? (& Canon)

That would explain the more obscure design of the Predator in Prey and reiterate the fact that he didn’t simply choose to not use his most powerful weapon, thus allowing himself to get killed, he simply didn’t have a shoulder cannon yet, because the Yautja haven’t found it yet.

Who knows? Maybe they’ve just just developed it entirely in the 300 years between the films? I don’t think thats the case, so I have to throw out the directors quote and decide where to stay in sci-fi.

The predator in Prey didn’t get the shoulder a cannon because the director wanted to combat Native Americans to be more exciting and close.