Without a doubt this generation is going to bring Survival Horror back to life

Because of my backwards compatibility, I am currently playing Dead Space 2, so my debt is to the franchise, I have not finished the first episode. Thanks to the resuscitations that the Xbox Series X automatically injects, the game is much more enjoyable and can be played better. Maybe a bit of an error in the Dolby Vision []?

Because I had a break in a sequel, I played Dead Space 2 now. That’s a resemblance with the first episode. The Xbox Series is enhanced by the additions that automate it, so the game is much more enjoyable and can be played better. Maybe a bit in the Dolby Vision I’ve noticed, but nothing major.

The good news is, playing the game was that I started to think about what titles in the upcoming season. I have always used that genre. It isn’t talking about jumps, but Survivalswhere ammunition is scarce, enemies are visible but complicated, and the terror is more in the plot and the dreadful feeling than the first ones scares.

Horror mixed with action will have the greatest effect.

And if the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 are well-liked, the gender-replaced approach will bring back consumer and studio interest in a musical that was ostracized just a few years ago. Death was such a great disaster. But the most important thing is not the end of the earth.

When you look back a little, we’ll see 3 great franchises on the horizon. It is not just about new deliveries but also about bringing games that were already working with new approaches and technological advancements. Then they will reach us, in this case and without thinking too much.

  • Remake Alone in the Dark.
  • The remake of the new book of Life’s Seconds.
  • Dead Space remake.
  • Bob Wake.
  • The third test has been performed.

Not bad, 4 great games that were in their time and would bring life back. Not to mention the possibility of a Resident Evil Code Veronica, which is flying in other stories and rumors. Add to that the remaster, which we received from Project Zero: Man of Black Water.

The new survival horror that makes me more comfortable to the classics.

But still, even though it isn’t everything else like new books and remakes, there are also new movies coming out or are going to arrive on our consoles and PCs.

  • Empathy (Derment)
  • Callisto Protocol (Earring):
  • The “Block” Mask (Earring): The “Shamed Hand” Mask.
  • It is impolite (Astood) for you.
  • Nemesis: Distress (Earring)
  • Instincts (Earring) (instinct)
  • Dark moonlight (Show) (Earring)
  • Riding Evil 7:24.
  • A snarlous, a repossessed town.

Of course, if you like basketball at the court, you can play in luck. There seems to be an increase in the number of proposals. For the rest, I am on the surface, but I think many others will come to fill this gap. To this one’s list, add the ones that we’ve already got available in this generation’s catalog.

Did I forget anyone? Are you a part of this approach? Is this a survival horror generation?