Wreckreation: An experience sandboxes openly for the racing game fans

In the open-world sandbox experience Wreckreation, racing fans create and modify their own tracks. Three Fields Entertainment is an independent developer working on Wreckreation, THQ notified. Wreckreation is the next step of racing with the so-called live mix which makes you a person's choice to develop and change your track while [e] [c]he brings the new level of “wreckreation”.

In the open-world sandbox experience: Wreckreation, racing fans create and modify their own tracks.

The developers studio Three Fields Entertainment is working on Wreckreation, THQ Nordic announces.

A new level of Wreckreation takes racing to the next level with the so-called live-mix that you can build and change your track while you drive it. You’re not alone or with friends.

The game combines two elements, racing and creativity, allowing for a lot of fun. Add a new curve, place a ramp to jump over, or just put a giant rubber ducky in the way.

Wreckreation is home to your very own MixWorld, an a quad 400 km2 race track you can create, shape and destroy. The sandbox experience was created as an open-world experience for drive and racing fans.

We wait for you to design us all online. In Wreckreation you often try to overtake, lap or even crash yourself and the rest of the world on tracks or courses designed by you or your friends.

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