Xbox 360, Rumbleverse is now available for Xbox 360

We're taking a different approach today as they are a very exciting time. After a summer of testing and anticipation, Rumbleverse is up! If you haven't had a chance to play with us yet, this new Brawler Royale is free to play and is now available in the Xbox One and X|S. Download and try. Rumbleverse []

Today is an exciting moment for us at Iron Galaxy. After the summer of testing and anticipation, Rumbleverse has arrived live. If you haven’t yet had an opportunity to play with us, this new Brawler Royale is free to play and available on Xbox One and Xbox X|S. Download and try it.

A reversal will occur in Grapital City, a place built by the champions to mark the glorious traditions of hand-to-hand combat. Every person living in this city dreams of being the last survivor. You should be joined. The current competitive experience puts 40 players together to get the best of the world. The fight is heavy and the setting is hilarious. You’ll see what we mean if you choke somebody off the top of a building at the corner of Jabrone and Pile Drive.

This game is about close combat on large scale. A Rumbler is the first step to success. Go to the Battle Barge, and go inside the cannon. Fly in the air and choose the landing zone on the street or on the skyscraper. You hunt and destroy crates full of upgrades and weapons, then fight to the opponents.

There are many different choices that need to be made to withstand the effects of the battle. Almost anything in the city can be used as a weapon. If you can pick this up, throw it! Move from town to town looking for a legitimate fight. Combine different movements and attacks to eliminate your opponents. The ring will not be able to shrink, so don’t let the judges count you out.

You can choose from different games. A very good, seasoned fighter, Solo mode is the perfect way to get in on the action and take on everybody else in the city. If you prefer to learn the way to escape the chaos, you’ll learn Grapital City a bit faster than Playground. Here are several courses for which it varies on the map. Try building a group and fight back.

A new community is getting ready for the transformation. Today we are looking forward to a great journey together. That’s only the beginning. Season 1 begins on August 18th next week, with a whole new way to get rid of the problem. From there, we’ll share a whole lot of updates, special events, gear updates and community competitions. This will be great. We hope that you’ll join us.

The game is in progress. The whisper comes.


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Rumbleverse is a brand new 40-player free-to-play brawler royale where anyone can be a champion. You are the kind of individual who lives in Grapital city and will fight in a fight against the evils! Customize your fighter by mixing and matching hundreds of unique items and putting it out of the crowd. Look out of the cannon, and enter the street and throw yourself. Where you happen to be overrides are entirely up to you, but please be careful that there’s chaos around every corner and every skyscraper. Take up the wall of the street and smash open the crates searching for weapons and upgrades. Each round is an exciting opportunity to learn new things, and perks that will make you stronger in your quest for glory.