You can order a few boxes of wagyu beef with Japanese frying pan/meat subscription

Beef subscription, comes with a legendous frying pan with a three-year waiting list.

Beef subscription is also available with a legendary pan that had three years waiting list.

While audio and video subscriptions like Netflix are well-known in Japan, food subscription services aren’t all but getting popular here. Although we always like to be around the city and get ready for the future, as our self-proclaimed Subscription Man Ahiruneko has decided to do something for a Japanese company like Ishikawa Chuzo to offer such an affordable food service.

In the same way, Ishikawa Chuzo are famous for their famous Omoi Frying Pan, which is a cast iron shaped pan that aims to help people cook up some tasty meat at home. The frying pan was very popular at the start of the release. It turned out many people had to wait three years to order it again for that to arrive.

Now, what does the next step take after you produce this–the pan you consider the world’s best for the meat? Of course, provide meat subscription service to the person, and that is what the company is doing.

Ishikawa Chuzos launched its meat subscription service in 2020 and claims that it is the first of its kind in Japan. There are three courses to choose from: Regular (10,800 yen $81,63 per month), Variety (10,800 yen) and Premium (9,600 yen). Ahiruneko opted for a regular course as, although the self-proclaimed Subscription Man is obviously a professional (he has Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ accounts) this was his first time dabbling in the world of food subscriptions, so he wanted to slowly improve the situation.

Each box contains meat chops by five butchers who carefully select it and delivers the meat on the 29th of each month. Let’s look at what was in Ahirunekos box.

First, there was a steak that topped up with steak-saikoro. The savory beef is harvested from a black cow in the Ibaraki Prefecture and is classified as a high quality meat.

There were, too, some short ribs from Hitachi.

sirloin steak made from special sexy cattle from the world.

and rump steak, of which both domestic cattle are special.

There is also an add-on to this article on your shelf. The most exciting and unique part of the subscription was certainly a secret.

the option to rent a famous Omoi frying pan from Ishikawa Chuzous! The frying pan, whose diameter is 20 centimetres (7.8 inches) is adjustable, can be rented for free as part of the subscription. Ahirunokos, the legendary frying pan with a three-year waiting list, arrived instantly in the mailbox during the service. Excellent!

With a frying pan and meat in a heap of meat, Ahirunekos was in meaty madness. First was the hitachi saikoro steak.

The steak should be grilled lightly on both sides on high heat, according to the cooking instructions.

The legendary frying pan definitely made Ahiruneko look like a professional chef, but how did the meat taste?

Very rich and tasteful according to Subscription Man. We’re enjoying a great start!

Next up was the potato pie. They didn’t weigh a lot of fat on them, so they’re just fine.

Surprisingly the grilled ribs were only okay. It was a little less expensive than the ones that you can buy from a supermarket.

Next up is the smoked steak. Ahiruneko has made a wonderful balance from fatty meat to lean meat.

Deeeeeelicious! The small thing is, but still delicious!

On the last bit, the rump steak. This meat was finely textured and seemed to be very good quality pieces.

The rump steak was hardly the fatest day for me; it was very tender and satisfying!

Ahiruneko is very proud of his first introduction to food services. The Regular Course offered 10800 yen (including postage and packaging), seemed to be more reasonable priced for four different types of quality meat, with the bonus feeling that people have no idea what kind of meat you’ll be receiving.

If you want to cancel your subscription, Ahiruneko warns you that it’s a very tedious process. No cancellation is requested by contacting the company directly via telegram or e-mail, so that if you rent out the pan, you are pricked with the original to take back after the last minute. Please do something to remember, especially if you wish to try it.

Despite that, Ahiruneko was completely satisfied with his first venture into the world of food subscriptions. He has a meatbox this time, but next month he can enjoy other kinds of meat. Who knows that? That’s the joy of subscription boxes!