25 Best Marvel Quotes For Everybody! [2022 updated]

Marvel Comics was founded in 1939. The company was founded in 1961 by the late 1939-1947 company Timely Comics, and from 1947-1940, they sold their magazine, but they were considered to be both the main publication of modern day Marvel Comics. Since then, some things have changed. All 50 Best Marvel Quotes for Yourself. [2022 aktualized] Read More.

Marvel Comics was founded in 1939. From 1939 to 1947, Timely Comics was a company and from 1947 to 1961, their first commercial, magazines, but both of them were considered the successors to the modern day Marvel era that was officially founded in 1961.

With that as the name said, Marvel has become an important player in the business. In this article, we will bring you an estimated 65 best quotes from Marvels comic books.

With great power is with great accountability.

Author: Ben Parker (Spiderman).

His enemies are in a place where his own people choose their heroes. His best powers are not in a place where the world of heroes live.

Mystic: Iron-man.

A true-than-life-defender never raises arms against innocents, no matter how they threaten you.

Author: Doctor Stephen Strange (Doctor Strange).

The greatest power in the Earth is that, in our opinion, we all possess the power of our brain!

The author is Professor X.

I’m the best at what I do, I just do not like things.

His author was Avalanche (x-Men).

I’m not a god. I have never created life but I’ve had a life. That is enough. So I’ll fight against the same desire of happiness, hope and wonder for all those who haven’t yet joined the stars. Many lives will be lost in the battle, but their efforts will ensure some will remember their deeds. But in the spirit of the gods, they will live forever.

Author: Norrin Radd/Surrayers (X-Men)

The door’s more than it appears. He distinguishes himself from the one who he is. You don’t have to walk through it You have to run.

: Franklin Richards (Fantastic Four / X-Men)

Hulk knock!

Author: Hulk (hulk)

I’m not a hero. I’m an adult. A man who isn’t a human being lives is born. She stole her money. To die a thief.

Roberti Hardy / Pederson/Champion/Pott.

We’re here all alone, and we leave the same way. We spend the time living on earth, sharing, learning together make life worthwhile.

Jean Grey (X-Men)

But I’ve made you look at your reflection and you don’t like to see it in the shadows. One of these days, one of us will inevitably kill another. It’s getting closer, Parker. Those days you’ll have to choose.

Author: Norman Osborn/Green Goblin (Spiderman)

No good, no evil. There are only DOOMs.

Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four): author.

You counter despair with hope. You’re continually striving for the best you’re capable of. There is a chance!

Author: Ororo Munroe / Storm (X-Men).

In Face of the Tiger, you hit the Jackpot.

Mary Jane Watson (Spiderman)

Just like each other, I was hollowed out inside empty. We both became sick because we were incomplete, but we didn’t now. We heal each other and made each other happy. Neither of us can survive without the other. Forget the hotel’s eat-in. Forget symbiote. There’s only Carnage.

Author: Cletus Kasaday / Carnage (Spiderman).

She has men, the weapons, the money. But I’m a kingpin.

Author: Wilson Fisk / Kingpin (Spider-Man)

If there’s nothing but what we make in this world, brothers should make good use of the money.

The author is Beta Ray Bill (Thor)

Morality is the first step toward cowardice. Your cowardice did nothing but die. I will kill everyone and everything you’ve loved. Soon you’ll hear everyone you like screams.

Author: Ulysses Klaw (Black Panther)

Love is for souls, not for bodies.

The Scarlet Witch was the author of the book.

His humans turn to the color of his skin, denials or politics, or for little reason so many hate the same way you react.

Magnetic Magneto (X-Men)

Magnetics can control blood? Magnetos Iron Control Explained.

Being the best you can be, doingable. That’s possible for anyone if they plan to.

(C. Danvers) / Captain Marvel (Captain Marvel) / Captain Marvel (Captain Marvel) / Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel (Captain Marvel)

When you decide not to be afraid, you can find friends in a few unexpected places.

Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, etc.

Just because someone stumbles and loses his path doesn’t mean that they’ll get saved.

Professor X (X-Men)

Our culture was founded by a single principle, which means that we should support what we believe no matter what the odds or consequences are. The mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself as a tree across the river, and say no, you’re moving.

Author: Captain America (Captain America)

Who is my father? That, dear, is an excellent question. Though no one answered quickly.

Author: Raven / Mystique (X-Men)

The world is changing. Soon, only the conquerors and the conquerors will be able to conquer. You’re a good person with a good heart. And because of the good and bad, having a good soul to be a king is difficult.

The author is the Black Panther.

Whatever happens tomorrow you must promise one thing to me. He stays where he is. Not a good soldier, not a perfect man.

Author: Captain America (Captain America)

The world is full of evil and lies, a suffering from pain and death, and so can no one hide away from it, you can not only face it. The question is when did you respond? Who do you become?

Author: Phil Coulson (Avengers) (Avengers)

You say that you don’t want responsibility? Which one is that? People like uswe don’t have the choice.

Writer: Spider-Man (Spider-Man).

My spidey sense is tingling.

(Spiderman): author: Spider-Man.

Everyone on this stupid planet counts on you, Peter Parker. Promise me. Do your job. Make me proud.

Gwen Stacy (Spiderman).

And then I feel it like that. Under me, the pounding heart of Spider-Man rises up in my arm. Just to protect the innocent will save his life once again. To protect my son. Through the endless demons who cut their way out of my past shadows. I can see that he’s rising in the air. The screams of the carnage-born god burst into laughter. Sending ripples of electricity through the codex-laden spine is boiling. On the lower end, you can see. He’s tired. My stomach feels better and better. They are in my favor. It rains in the dark. Burrowing and growing. The codices writhe and rely upon me. The voices of their former hosts scream into my mind. Captain America is voiceless with his commands and his military action. Wolverines ran back to old fire, causing me to burn my blood. I see the diamond-scalpel eyes of Hawkeyes. The things ungodly form my muscles and become stone. They all melt inside of me. It took a lot of voices to be one. The power is like nothing I never felt before before anything new. I need better. The red city has fury. He bowed in the armor of avenging legion. That’s going to happen to us. We all. Because of the strength of our own relationship. Together we’re living on the planet.

Eddie Brock / Venom (Spider-Man)

I’m terrified of the danger, but what is wrong in this man who has not gotten to hell and shrieks to heaven to deceive us because he’s not world destroying enough us. We forget the world can be ended with a whimper, and also with a bang.

In all this time, they are a captain of America.

Avengers come together!

Author: “Various (Avengers)”

This country’s strength lies in the building of brick and steel. We are the people who pledge to fight for freedom.

American Captain.

There is a word we use. You spoke a word for everyone who was ever an Avenger. Hell, what’s the worst we’ve ever been told is competition. I’ll shout it. Because it’s sacred to our soul and to our being. And that word’s assembled. When we come together, we were stronger than when we stand apart. That’s everything all around me. We can fight what can’t be fought by ourselves. To defeat the world’s things that tipped us. That would make us less fortunate. These things cannot stand even a hero. Do you mean to have it? I mean everyone. We all take our efforts to help those who need our help to help us and being there to help each other, we are all Avengers. She’s an Avengers.

The author is Luke Cage (Delinquents)

I’ll give you three choices: You’ll die. You may run. You can join me or they can.

Erik Killmonger (Black Panther)

We aren’t just our failures. He hurts so he learns from them. We are going to go out there and make their fortunes. We saved people. We save as much money as we can to repair the worst that we can. That’s all we do.


If you cage the beast, it’ll get angry.

They’re the author of the book, Wilverine.

My father has frequently said to me that although people think that they shouldn’t be too careful, they should never be hesitant. These words are what my father used to live by, he is Fu Manchu, and his lives are what he gave me.

Shui-Chi (Shang-Chi)

All we can do is try. Let’s get it started.

Author: Peggy Carter (Captain America)

You keep waiting, and then realize that that’s the case. It’s the dust that lives. I think you have to give it a chance if it comes along this weird and unbearable delight that is actually happy.

Author: Kitty Pryde (X-Men)

Faith is my sword. Truth is my shield. Knowledge my armor.

Doctor Stephen Strange (Doctor Strange)

Violence doesn’t discriminate. Cold as spring and cold looms as winter and chill and leaves a chill that can withstand your wind.

It’s a name – the evil of the world.

I believe in Avengers. We brought together against threats no one could bear. The world is safer. Perhaps it was a quicker time. Perhaps we were naive. Jocasta just asked me where I’d be without the Avengers. I’ve been thinking about it long and hard. I know, certainly I’d die. And a bad one. Or in prison. Or just not doing something quite good to someone. The Avengers have saved the world many times. But they also saved me. Did I become an Avenger after being confronted with tough times? But I also experienced some of the greatest moments of my life. There is no way anyone else could imagine such a strange thing. I could still fight alongside the biggest heroes and best friends of the world. And I found happiness. My greatest honor is a person. If I would ever become an Avenger, I would have lived a quiet, satisfied, productive life as a researcher. Id probably have struggled with the same demonsdepression, mental illness, suicidal thoughts and not make it out the other side. And I didn’t have the very great honor to teach him.

Sherri Pym (Ant-Man)

Success is more important when it comes to winning by yourself, it is the innate ingenuity of your own brain!

He’s the author of Thor.

Mutant is required to fight mutants, if weak players winn their minds. And even when the weak are left, Apocalypse will move. Pray, you all, you’re between strong and strong.

By the name of En Sabah Nur, the apocalypse is used for Jewish and Jewish purposes.

Magic, isn’t it? Well, I’m a 16th-grade ranger in advanced Dungeons and Dragons. We’re completely flat. Saving throws oplenty.

Author: Deadpool (X-Men)

Together, I have to deal with America’s problems. We’re solving that reality together. Together we define the American Dream and make it a American Reality. I’m a man of the People now and forever.

Author: Captain America (Captain America)

A terrible man. That was all typical. It was never the only one that sheltered himself. Those are too many fractured delusions. You don’t know anything about war. There are plenty of mistakes in these two years: you may avoid the simplest of conclusions for all these numerous millennia. Instead, you feel the incessant need to avenge any wrong that you perceive from your position of languid moralityas, if it is a game. It was terribly sad. But if it’s a war you truly want, Thor then Loki will gladly give it.

Author: Loki (Thor)

I’m a manfoolish and fond person. I love it when I look at it. Sometimes, I don’t understand very well. He isn’t your fault. The strange wisdom of the world-tree I saw. Tree all. That has its roots and branches all over. This realityten sphere includes 10 realms, ten universes and the tree winds through them all. Each planet and star are involved. Every woman with a harrowing heart is a proverbial woman. You’ll have every chance. There were lots of stories. I’m Odin Borson, who built a corpse-meat planet. I’m Odin a year, and sometimes my one eye is open. But, most importantly, I’m all-time farewell to Odin. I speak for the tree. He’s a father of all the stories and you’re my mother.

Odin (Thor)

I don’t love you when I’m angry.

Is it Hulk, the Hulk?

My name is Gorr, son of a no-name father, and from the old world. I have slain a way through multitudes to be here at the birth of all things. They are darkened with vengeance, and are covered with holy blood. One simple dream still remains in my heart. The dream of a godless age.

Her name is the Gandr the Sand.

There are people, all that we should know; or, if no?

WhenGod did not like what he created, he washed it in 40 days and 40 nights. I will do that in three.

Magneto (X-Men)

It doesn’t matter how hard it is to win anything; rather it’s impossible for the most part to win any battle.

Author: Spiderman (Spiderman).

It’s better to die as a man than to live as a slave.

Black Panther; Black Panther.

Whether law is correct or wrong, moral or immoral, is an idea, personal philosophy, but always seems to be successful fights over ideas overwinter and are become clashes of real violence.

Author: Spider-Man (Spider-Man).

We’re returning to work for those who need us. If we have to do so, we’ll do it now over again a little bigger.

The author is Monica Rambeau (Captain Marvel)

My fate will be defiant, but by all the right, it won’t come down to me. I didn’t force you to fight me. I gave you the chance to surrender that jewel. You forced me to do what I’ve done. I had to obey my nature. Even my wife is Thanos.

Thanos (Doctors)

I know no one and who compared them to the rest. I only know that Galactus must feed.

Galactus (Fantastic Four)

Though, in the end, you are truly pure of heart, in poor in innocence, in fact you will have the right to be foolish. The true guru he who tries to find all your secrets doth lie in his head! Heed these words up now, but instead of letting the light bleed into the maelstrom of life itself, that thou sift find his wisdom. There are some excuses to argue. There may be battles to win. Surely you won’t be tormenting. Aye, a time now that thee disavow your heritage yea, thou will never drop out foreer after Hela has come for you. But, as long as life survives, do you have to live it to the fullest! All that, hey, you’re a stupid guy!

He is Thor.

Focus more solely on your goal, no matter what your surroundings are like. Be in now. Get started and draw. When you wait for what you do, achieve your responsibility.

Barton / Hawkeye (Hawkeye)

Men must have a brawl to discover themselves! How about learning the measures of a man? And what more gift can one give another than the thrill, the joy, the glory of the battlefield?

Hercules are the eldest of all!

Intelligence is privilege and need to be used for greater good.

Doctor Ooka (Cityman) (Doctor) (Spiderman).

I won’t tolerateI won’t allowany talk about l’essential necessity of necessary evils. I have spent my life on that line and a death and horror followed. I don’t want to go to school, so I refuse to entertain him.

Author: Captain America (Captain America).


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What is the Most Famous Quote for Marvel?

There are so famous people everywhere, like Uncle Bens. With all your power comes to much responsibility. While there was certainly a lot of liable candidates, this quote has definitely had the most impact on the superhero genre. It has become a piece of history, not just a simple quote.

What is the film sung by a woman?

Avengers slogan stands, of course. It was spoken by a whole lot of characters throughout the story, and it illustrates how Stan Lee loved a certain item (AA) to remember. It has been featured in a lot of adaptations, too.