5 Reasons Too many Liars: Original Sin is Better Than Original Sin

Just when people thought that there would never be more from the Pretty Little Liars universe, Original Sin took the open door and flung the camera.

Let’s face it: Pretty Little Liars was a bad series. If I could find out why, all of those reasons are pretty obvious. Even the former spin-offs (that I personally never watched) were abandoned after a season. Suddenly, a friend of the Romans never knew that it would not be possible to come out of the Romans. Here, after a woman slammed the door open and waved at the camera. Thinking these little liars can be better for the good? Don’t be. What I could not accept, the original series was unfit to do, a theme that a horror collector firmly embraces the whole thing as a slasher-like series.

“On The Go,” “On The Go” from Genz: Original Sin follows some kilny liars who unfortunately get murdered by a masked killer named A. They make it out for them because of their parents’ wrongs and mystical past events that literally don’t have anything to do with them. However, often kids pay for their parents’ mistakes. The first season is almost over with HBO Max and let me say it and see it fucking good again. Why is this better than the original trilogy? I don’t know what to say – I don’t know how to keep my secrets.

This is the Slasher Series.

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Slasher characters have the same potential and are often fun: if nothing else happens, you’ll get decent kills and entertaining stories. Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin takes notes from the Scream movie and some of our characters are well versed in horror. This means they know what to expect, and that they know how to use slashers. I’ll tell you: A is an ex-chubby killer, with Michael Myers’s stalking skills and Jason’s strength (the bathroom kills anybody?). While these slashers are often sleazy and problematic (like most in the 80s), modern slashers aren’t much different, making it a spin-off. If this would’ve been a mystery, then it’d be a stale story.

The main group is actually legally acceptable.

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The original PLL was flooded with unlikable characters and relationships. Especially the groggy and predatory relationship between Aria (Lucy Hale) and her high school teacher Ezra (Ian Harding). There are no teachers-student stories, the group’s biggest concerns aren’t in control and the teens have no view to Gen Z. Imogen (Bailey Madison), Tabby (Chandler Kinney), Faran (Zaria), Mouse (Malia Pyles) and Noa (Maia Reficco) are all flawed characters. The situation is nighing. However they are not angry or entering situations without any good reason. And each of the girls is a final version of a final girl that’s extremely intriguing.

And the other characters add something to the show. And there is a lot of drama, so there is the beref, the moms being dwindled and the entire story of Angela Waters.

The storylines are very modern.

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The writers have made up modern themes so beautiful as the use of the word “real”: sexual violence, abortion, extreme bullying, teen pregnancy, etc. Each of the girls is struggling with a very difficult issue. It’s true that the teenager often copes with heavy problems. Especially if they’re members of marginalized groups, and who’re trying to navigate this world. The days where drama was depicted as a fake brother kidnaping you and your best friend are long gone. If you don’t want to sell to reality, it doesn’t really exist in the image of reality.

The horror is in the pity of a moment.

The above scene is one example of a top-notch horror film in this series. Another interesting thing is the bathroom scene in the Halloween episode, along with a metal version of Monster Mash. As long as the series is a slasher, there have been mind tippy moments, chase scenes, jump scares, and other slasher motifs.

This Mystery is a top notch.

My husband has taken the house.

Anyone who watches can stop thinking about A. He could literally be anybody of a gender or something (don’t assume his ass as a man). Isn’t there a reason for these girls? But people who haven’t yet been attacked? This game is fair. Whoever is behind the mask is going to drive them to stop seeing what behind the mask. It is obvious it is because there is a lot of money on the show. But knowing who the killer is in the final is really funny. And slasher reveals can really be quite iconic. The fact that Angela Waters is the driving force of these killers is also fascinating.

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin is currently streaming on HBO Max.

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