5 Reasons Very Little Liars: Original Sin is Better Than Original Sin

When people thought the hell was still out of the Pretty Little Liars universe, Original Sin flung the door open and yelled at the camera.

Despite all the facts, The Pretty Little Liars wasn’t a good series. I could have known why, but those reasons are pretty obvious. Even the former spin-offs that I personally never watched were cancelled after one season each. But when people thought about the pretty little-leastlars universe, even though they didn’t re-imagine: An original Sin flickered the door open and took off the camera. If you are not convinced that these little liars will be any better? Don’t be wrong. Something that the original story didn’t even recall was the commitment to the horror genre, which this story fully embraces as a slasher!

Like most “naturally tequilaters” who are sometimes shit with the masked killer named A, whatever he is the obscene killer the death is because of his parents’ sins and secret past events literally have a lot to do with them. But hey, children often mistake their parents. The first season is almost finished on HBO Max and let me tell you, its just fucking good. Why is it better than the original version? I’m about to tell you, a secret he keeps.

It’s a Slasher Series!

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Slashers play a great deal and are generally fun. if you can’t stop it all, you have decent kills and entertaining stories. Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin has taken notes from Scream’s character and makes some of our characters well versed in horror. Also, they know what to expect. They know how to use slashers. Not to mention A is a ruthless killer with the strong skill of Michael Myers and the strength of Jason (the bathroom kills anybody?). Even though slashers are known for their extremeness and problematicity (like most modern slashers) modern slashers have different personalities, so making this spin-off fun happens. If this be a mystery with too much soapy drama would be boring, it would be a stale story.

The principal group is actually inherently responsible.

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The original library was loaded with unusual characters and relationships. Especially the negative and violent relationships between Aria (Lucy Hale) and the high-school teacher Ezra (Ian Harding). It’s not an idiot, we are no teachers, but the main group is a trance of doubt and the young girl reflect Gen Z. Imogen, Mada, Tabby, Gomez (Malia Pyles) and Maa Patria are all flawed characters. But they don’t get in bad situations or come into trouble without reason. And each of the girls are a final girl, and that is incredibly intriguing.

Even the other characters add something to the show. And there are plenty of drama, like the murder and robbery, and the moms being hot messes, and Angela Waters’ whole story.

This story is completely new!

(HBO Max).

In fact, from a little bit of a brace in some spots, writers have managed to introduce new topics in real ways like the sexual violence, abortion, and the extreme bullying, budding girls, and so on. Each of the girls is having trouble with different matters. Realizing that teens often go through bad times. They are particularly disadvantaged people who like to explore the world. The days where drama was depicted as a fake brother kidnap you and your best friend (like this episode of One Tree Hill season four). Anchoring a show like that to reality gives it a certain edge.

The Horror is At The Point!

The scene above is one of the top ten horror moments in this series. Another thing that is particularly notable is the bathroom scene in the Halloween episode (accompanied by a metal version of the Monster Mask). Because of the slasher series, there have been mind-tippy moments, chase scenes, jump scares and other classic slasher motifs.

The Mystery is like a sweet one.

Humanoid Max (HBO)

Everyone that watched can’t stop thinking about who A is. It could literally be anybody of any gender identity (don’t automatically assume it as a man). We can remove our most powerful daughters, but other people who haven’t yet been attacked? Fair race. Just because one is behind the mask, people take the chance to continue looking at it. Evidently, it’s also because of that show. But it’s really fun knowing that we can see who the killer is in the finale. And slashers reveals have a real impact. To avoid that killer, watching how Angela Waters drives the killer, is all amazingly amazing.

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin is now streaming on HBO Max.

(image on HBO Max).