Alimentation: Jang UK and Mu-Deoks are back

There was a hiatus this week in Alchemy of Souls, so let's make a recap of that story till now.

Alchemy of Souls() is a Korean fantasy drama set in Daeho’s imaginary world. The story is about young magicians who are to carry the war burden. Showing Stars Lee Jae-wook, Jung So-min and Hwang Min-hyun was premiered on tv on the 18th of June 2022. The show will have 20 episodes and it will take over tvNs Saturday-Sunday 9 PM KST.

On August 4, 2022, I announced that a new fantasy drama, Kdrama, will continue to clone a week after the release of the upcoming episodes 15 and 16.

The wait for the next episode is short and might so get us to forget half of the plot. In the meantime, we have a special place for you to remember the story up to the last episode.

The Journey of the Sun: The Night to the Next Episode

The story begins with the story about Jang Kang who is urged to perform souls on himself and king, and then begged Jang Kangs wife. The distressed Jang Kang can do anything. The troubles further add up to her when he finds out that the child Jang Uk was born in the stars of the Kings. To maintain the child’s safety, he blocks Jang Uks’ energy gates and disappears from Daeho under the pretence of searching for a friends-thirsty daughter.

Years later, we have Park Jin trying to find the notorious assassin Naksu who threw away mages. He strikes her with an arrow, and she tries to escape. She’s ill-known for her tense souls. She puts in the organ of a blind girl – Mu-deok.

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The Alchemy of Souls episode 1 continues.

Park Jin takes Naksu’s body with his sword to Songrim while Naksu, who is now Mu-deok, is acquired to be sold. She arrives at Jang Uk; after a stream of events, she becomes his maid. She later sneaked into Songrim to retrieve her sword but was trapped in an unidentified squat on her face.

By Jang Uk who reveals the true identity of Naksu while looking at the blue mark of the soul shifter seen in his eyes. He then asks him to be his master only for him to be rejected. The two can’t leave Songrim, Park Jin suspects a traitor, and demands that Jinyowons Sapsali find the soul shifter among them.

This scares Jang Uk and Mu-deok, but Sapsali is stealing another soul shifter, which diverts everybody’s attention. The Sapsali then goes behind Mu-deok, but she escapes after Jang Uk’s break. She tries to get off Jang Uk and tries to get back to where she came. Even though Jin Mu burns her body away from everyone, she can’t take a look at her situation.

The one thing about Alchemy of Souls episode 2 still is that it was alchemy of Souls episode 2.

Now, Jang Uk brings his sword that surprises him. She’s not able to unsheath his sword yet again, but with all the disappointment she’s a woman. The dispirited Mu-Deok is a good shame in the lake, but when she unheaths her sword in the depths of the lake, she’s filled with hope again.

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She realises that she needs a powerful person to help her with her energy and puts her hopes on Jang Uk. She poisons him and gives him six hours to help him get the poison clear. Heo Yeom shut up Jang Uks energy gates in order to save his life.

If a man suspected of being Naksu is murdered elsewhere under orders of Jin Mus. Back in Songrim, Mu-deok accepts Jang Uk as his student, because he put forth conditions. But later, she finds out her student hasn’t any knowledge. She learns that Yeom has invested 10 years of energy into Jang Uk and hopes to help him absorb that energy.

Then, Jang Uk was discredited from Songrim and was given a hundred flogs for causing his energy gates to open after poisoning himself. The next day, Mu-deok noticed that he had absorbed Heo Yeoms energy because of the flogging and told him to channel it inside her body.

Stills from Episode 3 of Elastical Time and Earth.

Eleventh, Master Lee took Sapsali away with him. The next day, the crown prince arrives in a duel with Jang Uk after he eyes the Jang Kangs sword and leaves the party with the Mu-deoks intervention. The crown prince angers and is infuriating Mu-deok, but Jang Uk dies while detesting his father’s sword and budges the crown prince. He can’t control his hand and continues the attack until Jin Cho-yeon ties a binding chain on his wrist.

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Park Jin is aware of that and gives him silly words to Jang Uk, which leave him unsatisfied. He is doing that on a scale that resembles any ego. Mu-deok takes a problem into her own hands and a duel between the crown prince and Jang Uk is settled. Yol and Park Dong-gu have Ban Khang Abi and Mu-deok leave Daeho.

The two of them arrive in Danhyanggok where they meet master Lee, who knows that Mu-deok is a soul shifter and is intrigued by her situation. He gives them a heart full of energy, over Chisu and demands help from Jang Uk to follow celibacy and become his teacher.

In other words, Park Jin agrees with the condition that Jang Uk forfeits the duel, but he is losing the rights to the Gwangju. He then goes to get a corpse by rearranging the corpse by the way it’s being moved into the carriage. Later, Seo Yul and Park Dong-gu spotted a empty carriage with a spirit plaque which is in Jang Uk.

Stills from episode 6 of The Earth-Alchemy of the Souls.

The two people meet Jang Uk to find out how he lost the spirit plaque while the rumour that Jang Uk and Jin Cho-yeon have rumours spreading around the city. Mu-deok went to Chwiseonru, but she is caught by Kil-joo, but she escapes his clutches amidst the crown prince.

She has smirks at Jang Uk and claims that his lack of understanding does not matter how he is doing, so that he feels very guilty about her weakness. In Songrim, master Lee appears with a corpse that had arrived through the river in a nearby village.

Watch this episode.

After starting to question Jang Uk, park Dong-gu and Seo Yul leave and Jang Uk starts practising for his duel. Later in Songrim, Seo Yul reveals that she met Niksu to Park Jin and Heo Yeom who later realise she isn’t a substitute for a mage. The same mage they killed because he was a shifter of soul who took on the trap.

Jang Uk practises Tansu, a skill that does nothing more than Naksu. Later, he goes back to town with Mu-deok and hears about the rumours. Mu-deok is on the other hand, so as to avoid Kil-joo, go along with Jin Cho-yeon to save him from the poverty. After some events, she enters Jinyowon and is caught in the Mirror of Longing.

Episode 7 still was from Alchemy of Souls.

Jang Uk arrives from the home, because Mu-deok is suspected of running away with a jade. The three men enter Jinyowon and seek Mu-deok who is now found but has a slew of water-tight metals.

Jang Uk covers the mirror that doesn’t mean it could fool him after which Mu-deok touches the mirror that causes it to crack, and the two are soon seeing leaving Jinyowon. The next day Jin Mu gives an offer to show his daughter that she can’t resist and she works together with him.

And more importantly, Kil-joo intimidates Mu-deok so he can take Jang Uk to him so that he can move his body into his soul. Mu-deok isn’t able to do that and reveals it to Jang Uk, who tells him to meet Kil-joo. After meeting Jang Uk can fight koji and he can fight his own, but suddenly, both parties start the alchemy and pass upon the world of soul shifting.

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In fact, it’s not successful as Jang Uk is going to find out the true Mu-deok who has saved him. Kil-joo later revealed the truth of the Naksus father’s death, which leaves him stunned. He also tells us that Jin Mu isn’t the real Danju, since the real guy has an icestone that can help souls turn out to be able to be frightened.

From Atheistics Episode 7, still the seventh installment.

She then goes to the palace, and Jang Uk follows her to the palace, which makes her suspicious of the Danju being there. He then kills Kil-joo, and rumours of Naksus are spreading everywhere. Afterwards, the actual Danju welcomed Jin Mu, then the queen who reveals her plans for Daeho.

There are other things like this: Jang Uk told Mu-deok about the ice stone and promised to take it for her. The day of the duel arrives and Jang Uk succeeds in defeating the crown prince by using Tansu which leads to the choice of anyone offering to become his master.

Jang Uk decided to join Songrim and it’s the time to celebrate. The crown prince arrives with the celebrations, and the two wish each other good luck. Later, when everybody walks back to Songrim, Mu-deok is stopped outside. The servants aren’t allowed inside. She would like to find more interesting avenues to enter, but could discover about a hiring competition taking place in Songrim?

She has passed the leaflet to Jang Uk who had come to meet her, and told him she was going to be the closest one to the other. Jang Uk gets busy with the task which Park Jin gives him. He is unable to read the book given to him, but but he does nothing.

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Wherever Mu-deok helps the crown prince, Seo Yul, and Park Dong-gu, and quickly it’s a good idea to pass all the hiring tests. After the competition, Jang Uk and Mu-Deok meet. He begins to reveal her feelings that’ve started to bud for him. She tells her she missed him, too.

The The Death from Alchemy of Souls Episode 10 of the book.

Mu-deok refuses to accept these feelings and resents him constantly. Jang Uk is unmotivated and unmotivated, but a visit to Kim Do-ju renews him with enthusiasm to work hard. Although Mu-deok has already planned an education to teach him, he must fight a lot of people.

He is again hurt once he starts to know that his days of zombs are the objects of his bet. I was so lucky that Jin Mu and the queen had something big planned in the past, and they worked on making So Yi the fake Jin Bu-yeon with the help of Jin Woo-tak.

On the other hand, masters Lee and Park Jin discuss Jang Uks issues, and the former reveals that master Seo Gyeong was born under the Kings star. But Jang Uks is different, a way he can decide which will be his fate.

Even though Jang Uk lost another duel, he finds out the power of the yin and yang jade with the help of the crown prince. Soon after, he heard of the old Naksus people with whom his grandfather spoke.

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Alchemy of Souls Episode 12 stills.

Later, Park Jin went to a funeral where the soulshifter is found and stabbed by a man named Yul. She later tried to catch him but Yeom Soo kills her soul shifter. However, this event points to the discovery that Sio Yul is a fan of Mu-deok.

After losing her ninth duel, Jang Uk follows Mu-deok to Cheonbugwan for a task, when he encounters a man who is a soul shifter. Jin Mu finds the two and tells the eunuch that he uses mu-deoks energy and then moved toward Jang Uks body. Since she attacks Mu-deok, her energy evaporates, scaring her and shocks her.

Jang Uk calms her and the two begin working on their escape. He has a jade and calls Cheonbugwan the crown prince, followed by Park Jin and the queen. He tells us what’s happened, but he can put up with the eunuch that he gets on his return. They’re coming out of Cheonbugwan.

Mu-deok is afraid of being near Jang Uk, but he convinces her that it’s going to be alright. As soon as he gets it done, Lee goes fishing for a Golden Fish. This can help him master Chisu. He’s able to reach Chisu, but in the end he’s not disappointed by his finale duel with Yul.

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Lourds in The Truth Episode 12 continues.

What shocked him also is that this final duel is produced by Mu-deok. He loses to Seo Yul while he terrorizes everybody with his skills. Later, Mu-deok searches for the jade that was taken away by the crown prince and went to meet Jang Uk. Even though he is seeing Yoon-King with him makes her jealous, Jang Uk makes him kiss her.

Later, he accompanies the manure of Lee to the palace with Seo Yul and park Dong-su. There master Lee knows the difference between souls due to Heo Yeom’s clog. He then asks Jang Uk to bring the dog with shabasali in the palace to find the soul shifters to scare the queen from calling for Jin Mu secretly.

Jin Mu’s in convincing the king to allow the sapsali inside which master Lee left after giving advice. From afar, Park Jin is looking for Mu-deok, a suspect of murders. While she can prove her innocence with the help of Jin Cho-yeon, Park Jin uses this opportunity to test her and Jang Uk.

The two tell him they are deeply in love with each other and show him their jade eggs. Next day Jin Ho-kyung makes a ruckus in Songrim, which ends up killing the Sapsali. After that, the relationship between Jin Choyeon and Park Dong-gus goes on. Both of them rebel against their elders by leaving their homes. The two find a shelter in the Jang household.

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Alchemy of Souls Episode 16 stills.

Mu-deok is serving Jin Cho-yeon, who ends up speaking about her daughter who died. Everywhere, Jang Uk realises that Seo Yul knows about Mu-deok. The queen had realized everyone was suspicious of her and planned on fleeing her, while Jang Uk is heading to learn about shaman Choi.

The doors have opened due to the presence of Mu-Deok. Jin Ho-kyung rejoices her discovery while Mu-deok feels weird.

And elsewhere, Jang Kang appears to be taking the look of Jang Uk, ending episode 16 of the Alchemy of the Souls.

The Earth has the highest impact on them.

The series Alchemy of the Souls is out today at 9:40.

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