BTS Vlog: Jin takes an ARMY for a Cooking Session, charms every person with his Manners and Etiquette

Jin takes ARMYs to a cooking session with celebrity check Lee Yeon-bok in this weekly BTS Vlog.

The BTS Vlog is beginning to begin after week six; the group swooped over from the maknae. One another is Jin taking over the vlog this week and will be able to cook us a cooking session. The hyung is known for having cooked for the group since since their debut. It is what he talks about this episode.

In addition to V, J-Hope, Jimin, RM, and Jungkook, the hyung is ready to make us smile to his face in the face of Chef Lee Yeon-bok. During the vlog in which he’ll be a special cook in the kitchen with the celebrity chef for the 32 minute period – taking the gift of gratitude. Though fans had already deciphered that Jins vlog would have some cooking to do with, watching him finish his job long ago was a sexy steal.

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The idol took a jar of honey from his grandfathers honey farm as a gift for a chef. It is Korean etiquette to bring along gifts when visiting the family’s and this didn’t go wrong with the fans. He shared that he is very close to the chef. Soon, it is revealed that the recipe for day is Menbosha, a hot shrimp-like dish of the chef restaurant.

The video is totally complete with Jins passion for cooking – and he follows carefully the instructions for chef Lee Yeon-boks. And, like all the other members, he doesn’t forget to mention them. He even makes the BTS logo by hand with a piece of Menbosha and takes a picture that he shared with his fans about the day the vlog was released.

The vlog had Jin doing whatever he loved, and a happy time with his chef, and at the same time remembering his members and fans.

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Watch the tino-sny-dyst supper: Jins cooked at a snack party.

This book’s coming to an end. Only one member is needed. It was a pleasure to watch the TV shows as members showed that no matter how far they are, they always have their own thoughts. But that isn’t all because their arms, and they are also carrying in their hearts.

Don’t forget to catch the last member of the BTS Vlog next week.

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