Busch gardens Beer Fest returns!

The Bierfest will be held on August 12 & 5th. The Bier Fest was a great night. First, the festival starts with an all-new festival menu with over 70 brews and food. The tables are [no] from the bar.

The festive event will begin on August 12 and conclude on September 5. We could have been at the Bierfest on the opening night. It was a blast!

First, the festival begins with a menu filled with more than 70 brews and food. The booths are scattered all around the park. Somewhere near the Festival Walkway and Bird Park, Stanleyville, Pantopia, and Egypt areas.

Bird Garden and the festival walkway hold major booths, as well as the photography and the showbiz include the live band area.

The food and drinks (21+, they’re alcoholic) were so fabulous, especially the Keel Farm agrarian two halves of Mango, which can be found at the Cider Shop near the Bird Garden. Parmi these favorites, Cigar City’s Homemade Apple Pie Cider and the Flying Boat’s Raspberry Passionfruit Sour.

For food, we liked the Bratkartoffeln, which consisted of fried potatoes, chives, carrotized peions, and bacon bits.

Their brisket was great at the Zambia Smokehouse near ShieKra, and also the Brisket Pottine was very good. It had cheese and potato chips and carrots. Other favorite things are the Yellow’s, the Bratwurst Pratzel, and so on.

All of that was fresh and delicious. You can eat a lot at the festival. Come to see the beautiful wildlife in the park or ride in one of their thrilling rides – including the newest one, Iron Gwazi.

You may go and see the busch gardens beerfest in September. You can buy tickets on your own.