Did Troy Kotsur lose his Oscar Trophy at the very beginning? Here’s what happened to his mother

Troy Kotsur almost loses his Oscar-winning award in Mesa, Arizona.

The American actor Troy Kotsur is the first of the few female deaf actors to win a Academy Award for his performance in Coda, whose performances were fast taken for the new generation, which almost lost his Oscar trophies and Jeep.

The actor was honoured by his hometown of Mesa, Arizona. He reported on his twitter account that a car thief jumped in his Jeep and took off. He was honored for his achievement in becoming the first primarily deaf actor to win an Oscar. So he brought the trophy to the ceremony, which would take him to the ceremony.

Troy Kotsur did initially say on Twitter that a little boy was the driver of the crime. According to Deadline, the city police recovered the Jeep as a result of a still-inside award. Kotsur posed to the police in bid to show a photo of his work. He’s from the police family, and some relatives worked for the law enforcement.

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Kotsur achieved an Outstanding Actor in the Supporting Role Oscar for his work as a fisherman and father in Coda. He still lives in Mesa and explains the city on his acceptance speech.

Coda is a child of deaf adults that helps their family struggle fishing while also pursuing dreams of becoming a singer. It was first appeared on January 28, 2021 and had won all three awards.

The 54-year-old actor won a lot of awards for his roles in Coda, including British Academy Film Awards, Critics Choice Awards, Golden Globe Award u.a. He has appeared in a variety of films including The Mandalorian, Criminal Minds, No Ordinary Hero, SuperDeafy, etc.

The actor created many fantastic works and inspired a lot of people out there. He will star in the sports drama Flash Before the Bang which is a dead-banded comedy.

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