Kpop girl group GIRLKIND officially announce their disbandment. Read on.

In October of 2022, the K-pop girl group GIRLKIND officially disbanded after four years, making announcements on their social media. They explain that the group has made the decision after a internal discussion concerning their issues. The group can’t be maintained and the disbanding came into force shortly after the debate.

After the announcement, Next Level Entertainment deleted all social media posts of the group, except for the announcement notice. According to the announcement, fans have been asking the band for an official notification of it and they finally said that it wanted to say that the company’s name had been released. The notice thanks the fans for the past 1670 days and hopes that the fans will continue to support the girls in the future.

The disbanding notice says hello. It is on its next level entertainment. We’re finally answering the questions many fans have asked. Please understand that it took a bit of time to make an official statement. Since of the internal issues, the decision was made after discussing the work with GIRLKIND members.

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Accordingly, GIRLKINDs official activities will end on August 13th 2022. Thanks for supporting us and making great memories over the past 1670 days. We want to give them their thanks. Please continue to speak with every member about their personal activities.

GIRLKIND is a five-member girl group made up of Sun J, Xeheun, Jikang, Medic Jin and Ellyn. After the event, they re-buted on January 17th, 2018. Their first digital single is FANCI. They became the first Kpop girl group to perform in Bahrain.

The group continued their activities and held a concert this year in Japan. The news about their disbandment remains what came after the concert in Japan.

Many fans disappointed, but we wish the girls great luck in their future.

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Watch the FANCI, which will be watching.

Check GIRLKIND on Spotify.

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