Have you got everything you need to know about the Brazilian Mystery Drama? Here’s everything you have to know about it

Want to know all about the coming Netflix release titled Unsuspicious.

Brazilian crime and mystery books are popular on Netflix. After the recently released Good Morning Veronica Season 2, which received mixed reviews, the OTT giant is carrying another criminal/mystery drama from Brazil with a report confirming that the investigation is being done. It is written by Cesar Rodrigues and Eduardo Vaisman, and directed by Rodrigues and Leandro Soares. Mayra Lucas is the producer of the series.

The series will soon arrive on Netflix. Before the opening of the show, let’s get into a lot of key details about Unsuspicious that will help us watch it better. From the cast to the release date, check it out at the bottom of the page.

The cast for the series includes Silvero Periera, Fernanda Paes Leme, Marcelo Medici, Gi Uzeda, Maria Azevedo, Gkay, Dhu Moraes, Raphael Logam, Romulo Arantes Neto, Cezar Maracuja, Thati Lopes, Paulo Tiefenthaler and Eliezer Motta.

They continue based on “Suspicious Trailers” with no doubt of danger.

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Unspicious plot/synopsis.

According to Netflix’s official description for the new show, three girls and their families went to his mansion to get answers and they were left for an investigation when she found dead. According to the trailer, everybody is suspected of killing Jorginho Peixoto (the said playboy) and is stuck in an intense yet funny investigation.

This series is an adaptation of the genres of crime, mystery, comedy, and comedy. There could be black comedy with episodes, as long as a sitcom is used. The OTT platform further describes the show as charming.

Release Date, Trailer and More, Unsuspicious Release Date, and more.

This series is scheduled to get released on Netflix on August 17 and 2022. Isn’t it not really Nada Suspeitos, but I am not sure who the movie is?

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