I found the book to be sold at GOG and received 5 remarks from the editors

It isn't just Steam and Epic that offer exciting discount campaigns. GOG has currently some interesting titles at bargain prices. Here we present five games that are off at least 50 percent off the idea. Look at the other ideas of Micha and Steffi. If you want to [] [or perhaps want to [] come, please.

It isn’t just Steam and Epic which have a lot of discounts to offer. In the moment, GOG has some interesting titles available at bargain prices. Here we present five games on offer at least 50 percent discount at least that was the plan. Micha and Steffi probably have other ideas.

If you want to go through the discount scheme directly, just follow the link below. Please remember to come back later.

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Even after this short tour, there are our tips from the editors. Good luck!

Shadow Warrior 2 is the first to be a witch!


Shadow Warrior 2 is a wildly entertaining graphical masterpiece.

Get The Ego-Shooter | Developer: Flying Wild Hog | Release: 13. October 2016 | Prices: 4 dollars for standard, 85 percent discount, 8,85 dollars for standard, 80 percent discount.

Valentin Aschenbrenner: Oh, GOG isn’t actually knocking out one of the best shooters of the past five years, at a ridiculous price. Clear, Shadow Warrior 2 released in 2016, isn’t the youngest of the genre, but it’s certainly worth a look today. Especially for five to eight dollars! Shadow Warrior is not in a particularly epic or deep story, but essentially the truth happens with the idea of working. Shadow Warrior 2 is fast, brutal and entertaining.

If you are fighting against cyber ninjas or spawns of hell, you need to understand better in fighting against this war, you cannot know the exact button that is he must press in a shooter to get the gun Bang power. But not right, Shadow Warrior 2 (especially due to the higher difficulty level) is far from a bed of roses. If the worst wins, you have to win up to three of the three players in the battle. If you and your friends want to get together, the GOG discount is probably the best way to do that.

Shadow Warrior 2 also brings a lot of replay value due to its wide variety of opponents and the diverse play styles and all kinds of optional side missions. For example, you can look at 70 different weapons to take advantage of, or trickle the hideous boss out of hiding. With the actual ridiculous price of the standard or the deluxe version on GOG, shooter fans should definitely see one of the best talent in 2016 a representative.

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– 3rd Edition – Characterist of the Wilderman | Developer: 5am and 5pm. November 2020 | Preis: 10 dollars, 50 percent reduced.

Alexander Bernhardt: Have you ever put a rooster in a leather jacket? At least I hope I won’t do what you need to do. Don’t you think you should play the police of chickens! You even slip into the role of a talking rooster in a leather jacket. At first, it sounds more like Zootropolis, but in comparison to the Disney movie, it’s far from the’spicy’ stuff.

Main character Sonny Featherland was once a famous policeman in the animal-inhabited city of Clawville. The worn-out bird, but has been deprived of work, has a high rate of alcohol, melancholic, and will not be allowed to leave. Even his former partner, Marty MacChicken, does not want anything to do with him anymore. The two of us have to pull together when an attractive cat needs the help of the Chicken Police.

I know, but I know. You can read anything without your help. But Chicken Police is an incredible indie game. Though they’re unusual, their simplicity is what’s known as as the “eye-catcher”. This story has a lot of film noir cliches that are not so long as it’s plastered with a few more, sometimes less incendiary animal jokes. The core of the story is very exciting, but it will never fail. For those who speak English, it is better to be of good quality. It does sound reasonable, but it’s really worth paying a dime for a jump-starter, but for just 10 dollars it’s not just a look at Chicken Police. Try and watch the trailer carefully.


Dead Cells trailer shows the release date for the roguelike metroidvania scene.

Genre: Roguelite | Developer: Motion Twin | Release: 6. August 2018 | Price: $15, reduced by 45%*

Michael Graf: I remember my sister showing me Dead Cells the first time. We were sitting at my parents house with our Nintendo Switches on Christmas Eve, but I was tired of Mario Kart, because I always lose at it anyway. My brother is capable of practicing good-looking karting skills. Then he put the switch on to me: Do you already know that? Naturally knew me Dead Cells, you sausage-poodle, I’m in a good deal with games. However, roguelites were never my genre, they frustrate me too much. And I can’t deal with the frustration as a result, see Mario Kart.

I wouldn’t say that my older brother had his Switch back that night. Then, I bought Dead Cells myself and then, so my switch profile played for over 200 hours, really biting into it for a while.

Frustration from starting from scratch? No, I’m getting better and better! I am learning the weapons. I learned to read enemy names and their attacks (then floor and wall-shooting bastard priests!). I find hidden items I can find without paying attention to surroundings. You learn three weapon collection which you need to take with you when I get into gear. How can you use traps, how the electro whip whip whips up and down, etc. Dead Cells have the depth of good roguelites. More I know it, more comfortable I feel with its tools as much as I can (randomly). But the better I can use tactics and raise the difficulty levels, the better I can see.

Even after I left, I mastered Dead Cells better than my brother. Give this you Mario Kart cheater who has never passed the first few levels in Dead Cells!

Our tester Jonas admired Dead Cells, but he felt a lot more sad. You can read this article here.

59 3

Dead Cells im Test.

Moreover, a bundle of Dead Cells: Road to the Sea contains the four previously released DLCs for a discounted price of 23,29. They provide new locations, opposers and bosses, where I have to think about new things and give up new tactics. And even more dead cells are good enough.

By the way, Road to the Sea is currently available for nine cents less on Steam. Buy it right where you want.

Those who want to play with more than 50 percent of the money are only $40 off.

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Law and politics. “Raleplay” | Developer: Gentlebros | Release: 08. August 2017 | Prices: 3 dollars. It’s been reduced by 85%.

Gloria H. Manderfeld: No cats are a bad thing! Say my three cats that are certainly in the majority of the opinion of this post and convince me, in case of doubt, of my legs with wild chases at half past four this morning. Or relying on a lot of decognants and outstanding fluffiness. I haven’t found out whether or not the sword-wielding feline hero in Cat Quest could purr, but it certainly looks fluffy.

Searching for her catnapped sister, I fight and cowl through a fully conceived open world in real time and look for the nasty villain everywhere. Out of the main story, there are many smaller side quests in which I assist the meow-tastic game world and assemble a more efficient product. With a spell like flash, smoking or a fluttering paw, I spit all kinds of opponents up and my hero with the paw of healing. The armor and life points of my fighter are more advanced than a mage-like hat.

Cat Quest is not only worthwhile because of simple combat mechanics, but also a resuscitation for detailed, cute game world, Felingard, and other cats who may be hunting for help. It’s just fun to explore and dive in and save the world’s many cat references. And, besides this, Cat Quest is a great bargain. If you’re not sure whether that adventure is for you, there’s also a demo on Steam.


Dark Blood, Battle: The Adventure trailer of Blackbook features magic and combat.

Genre: Roleplay | Developer: Morteshka | Release: 10. 2021 August | Price: 15 dollars, reduced by 58 percent*

Steffi Schlottag: When I was a kid, my mother forced me to a theater group I think she ran into a new gameboy. The first and only play I ever performed was Vasilisa, a Russian fairy tale about a forgotten young woman. I had to become a head coach, but when the director learned that she would like to play the tree instead, she suggested that I could play that tree. I have it now.

What do they have to do with the Black Book? In this game, you also control a young Russian woman named Vasilisa, who, when he’s done, becomes a witch, has a magic book and travels to get into the world to help the suffering with a dark force and save her fiance. She meets old Slavic-era people. I remember living trees!

The turn-based combat is played through an easy-to-learn, but well-liked card system that shows your spells and actions. In the same way that you wiggle into the deck, the Black Book plays very differently, but the basic loop repeats itself very quickly. But imagine a really exciting story with a setting which was hardly ignored, with which you spend 30 minutes. We were very impressed with the variety of genres in our test of the Black Book.

*Steffi found that a group of editors urgently needed to learn how to read numbers with Micha. Black Book is only 40 more dollars cheaper than half the cheaper. In my absence, I would highly suggest that if I could handle numbers, I would surely be a physicist instead of a scribbler.

Is there maybe one or two games among our recommendations that you’ll examine further? And what do you think about Micha and Steffis awful lack of reading skills?

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