I’m about the reverberation of spirits: The UK and Mu-Deoks go till now and are coming home

One of our souls is busy this week so here is a recap of the story from now on.

Alchemy of Souls() is a Japanese fantasy drama set around the famous daeho world. The story revolves around young magicians who carry the burden of the past. The show stars Lee Jae-wook, Jung So-min and Hwang Min-hyun on tvN on Sunday the 18th of Jan 2022. The show’s being based on 20 episodes. That shows up on Saturday-Sunday 9 pm KST.

On August 4, 2022, it was announced that the fantasy book Kdrama will be over for a week after the release of the 15 and 16 episodes.

This time of year is short and could be used to make us forget half of the plot so we have a special set that you can remember before the last episode.

The Journey to the South of the Sea.

The story starts with Jang Kang who is asked to perform the alchemy of souls by the king on himself and by the king, who later baptised Jang Kangs wife. The distressed Jang Kang is unable to do anything, and his troubles add up as he finds out the child born in the stars of the Kings. The child’s security is the sake of blocking Jang Uks energy gates and disappears from Daeho as the purpose of hunting for his friends’ daughter.

Years later, we have Park Jin trying to catch the notorious assassin Naksu who kills mages. He strikes an arrow and tries to escape. She is ignorant of the dangers of a blind girl, Mu-deok.

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Alchemy of Souls episode 1 is still in action.

Park Jin takes Naksu body and sword to Songrim while Naksu, now known as Mu-deok, is taken to the market. There, she gets to the center of the city of Jang Uk, so he becomes the home of his first brother. In the end she stole his plaque to steal her sword, but it caught her infiltration in Songrim.

Jang Uk saved her first known identity as Naksu while pointing at the blue mark of a soul shifter that she saw in her eyes. He then asks her to become his master; to be rejected. The two can’t leave Songrim, since Park Jin suspects a traitor and demanded that Jinyowons Sapsali find the soul shifter among them.

This scares Jang Uk and Mu-deok, but another soulshifter is caught by Sapsali, who diverts everybody’s attention. She went behind Mu-deok and she escapes after Jang Uk breaks his pottery. She then tries to leave Jang Uk and try again to get back to where she came from. Even though she sees Jin Mu burning her body for everyone, she wonders who’s getting sucked away about her situation.

Alchemy of Souls Episode 2 still comes to the rescue.

Now, Jang Uk brings her sword that surprises her, but she’s never able to remove her sword and it’s not as disappointing as it’s a surprise to her. The dissident Mu-deok is the final in the lake and ends his life, but she can still unheath her sword in the depths of the lake filled with hope.

Read this episode and watch the episode 8.

She realizes that she needs a powerful person to help her get back her energy and puts her hopes on Jang Uk. He poisons him and gives him six hours to help him clear the poison. The power gates at Jang Uks, to save her life without choice, are opened with Heo Yeom.

Whereas, according to Jin Mus orders, a person suspected of being Naksu is killed. Since she was in Songrim, Mu-deok accepts Jang Uk as the student after putting forth some conditions. And then she discovers that her student has no skills. She also knows that Heo Yeom has invested 10 years of energy into Jang Uk and tries to find an alternative to this.

Jang Uk was thrown out of Songrim and sentenced to 100 flogs because he has been drinking during the year after poisoning himself. The next day, Mu-deok noticed that he absorbed Hiso Yeoms energy because of his flogging, and told him to channel it inside his body.

Stills from the 3rd episode of Alchemy of the Souls.

Likewise, Queen Lee took Sapsali with him. The next day, the crown prince gets in a Duel with Jang Uk, after seeing Jang Kangs sword and ends up losing after Mu-deoks intervention. The crown prince is angered and goes to attack Mu-deok, but Jang Uk unheathes his father’s sword and attacks the crown prince. He can’t control his hand and continues his attack a long time, until Jin Choyeon ties his wrist a binding chain.

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Park Jin learns about that and gives Jang Uk hurtful words that lie within him. The Crown prince settled his duel with Jang Uk and looks at him in such a manner that Mu-deok did not take matters. Seo Yul and Park Dong-gu request from Jang Uk to leave Daeho along with Mu-deok.

The two went to Danhyanggok, where they met master Lee who has realized that Mu-deok is a soul shifter and is intrigued by her situation. He surprises them with his energy more than Chisu and wants to give thanks to his enthusiasm and luring her to succeed in giving up the religion and becoming her student.

Park Jin agrees with Jang Uk with the condition that he forfeits the duel, then that he would lose his right to be the Gwangju. As soon as he is looking for a corpse, he is going to look for a corpse. He’s just missed it. Later, Seo Yul and Park Dong-gu found the empty carriage with a spirit plaque that belongs to Jang Uk.

Stills from the episode 6.

After that the two of them meet Jang Uk to find out how he lost the spirit plaque while the rumour of Jang Uk and Jin Choyeon spreading around the city. He went to Chwiseonru, but is caught by Kil-joo. But, with his help, Mu-deok escapes from the crown prince.

She blames her weakness on Jang Uk, which makes him realize that what he’s doing is wrong and that the boss is motivated to work hard for him. In Songrim, the master Lee appears with a corpse that had arrived through the river in a nearby village.

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After the interview, Jang Uk, park Dong-gu and Seo Yul leave and Jang Uk starts to practise his duel. Syed Yang, back in Songrim, said that she met Naksu to park Jin and Yeom who later realized she was not the only girl of the constellation mage. The same mage who killed him because he was a soul shifter who ran wild.

Jang Uk practises Tansu, the skill she has specific to Naksu. He returned home with Mu-deok and met with the rumours. Mu-deok on the other hand goes along with Jin Cho-yeon, to avoid Kil-joo, and ends up in a predicament. After a couple of events, she enters Jinyowon and is tucked into the mirror of Longing.

Episode 6 is still from the Apocalypte of Human Beings.

Jang Uk is also coming when the family calls because Mu-deok seems to have run away with a jade. The three men enter Jinyowon and start looking for Mu-deok, who will soon be found in the mirror but has to be stuck in.

Jang Uk covers the mirror so it can’t trick him because Mu-deok touches the mirror making it cinch and the two are soon seeing out Jinyowon. The next day, Jin Mu gives a young woman a new attempt at finding her daughter that she can’t resist and she’s fighting for her.

This is where Kil-joo blacks out Mu-deok and brings Jang Uk to him so that he can fit into his body. Mu-deok is unable to do that and reveals that to Jang Uk who tells him to go meet Kil-joo. So, when one meets Jang Uk, the other tries to fight Kil-joo, the latter starts all the alchemy and they return to the realm of traction.

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In addition, that does not succeed as Jang Uk tries to resuscitate real Mu-deok. Later, Kil-joo reveals the truth behind Naksus’ father’s death, a death which leaves him shaken. He reveals that Jin Mu is not the real Danju, since the real man has the ice stone that can aid souls from escaping wild.

From Alchemy of Hearts: Episode 7 – The Fatie: The Blood!

His escapes but Jang Uk follows him to the palace which makes him suspicious of Danju being there. She then killed Kil-joo and the rumours that Naksus returned spread everywhere. Later, Jin Mu welcomes the real Danju, the queen who then reveals her plans for Daeho.

There, Jang Uk tells Mu-deok that ice stone is about and promises that she has it. Jang Uk is a master and this is how he defeats the crown prince with Tansu. The re-success of everyone.

Jang Uk is committed to a songrim and is now the time to celebrate. The crown prince begins the celebrations, and the two friends wish each other well luck. Later, when all goes back to Songrim, Mu-deok is stopped outside as the employees are not allowed inside. She tries to find new ways to enter and discovers about a hiring competition happening in Songrim.

She passes on the leaflet to Jang Uk who had been to meet her, letting him know he might be next. Jang Uk too is busy with the work he has been given to Park Jin. He can’t read the book given to him, but with the help of master Lee, he can do the impossible.

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Besides, Mu-deok gets help from the crown prince, Seo Yul and Park Dong-gu and quickly fails all the examinations in the hiring process. After the competition, Jang Uk and Mu-deok meet and he’s revealing her feelings. He says he missed him, too.

Saids from Alchemy of Souls Episode 10:9; 11.

Mu-deok isn’t ready for these feelings and constantly refutes her. Jang Uk is disappointed, so he’s unmotivated, but he gets a visit to Kim Do-ju, so he can work hard. Although Mu-deok has already planned a lesson for him, he can face ten mages one on one.

He is again sick when he understands that the object of the encroachment is the jade egg that he gave Mu-deok, and like this his days of duels begin. There are something big planned between Jin Mu and the queen, as they work hard with the help of Jin Woo-tak to make So Yi the fake Jin Bu-yeon.

On the other hand, masters Lee and Park Jin discuss Jang Uks issues and the former shows that master Seo Gyeong was born under the Kings star. Although Jang Uks situation is different, it does tell him what his fate will be like.

Jang Uk lost another duel but later found out the power of the yin-and-yang jade with the help of the crown prince. He then overhears the legends of Lee and Park Jin about Naksus’ past.

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A reincarnation of the soul is still on its slumbers.

Park Jin has gone to a funeral where a soul shifter is found and killed by Yul. He later tried to catch him, but Yeom Soo kills the force shifter. But this event stifle an unidentified mystery in his quest to get the truth of Mu-deok.

Jang Uk comes across an eunuch that is a body shifter after missing from his ninth duel. Jin Mu finds the two and tells the eunuch to take Mu-deoks energy and then change into the Jang Uks body. As soon as he attacks Mu-deok, his energy becomes absorbable by Mu-deok, which annoys and scares him.

Jang Uk calms her and the two start working on their escape. He uses the jade and naps the crown prince to Cheonbugwan, followed by Park Jin and the queen. He tells the story but should take a step back in an eunuch. They leave Cheonbugwan soon.

Mu-deok is scared of being near Jang Uk, but she convinces her that it’ll be alright. He is later taken into the rescue of a master, Lee, to go fishing for a Golden Fish, which can help him master Chisu. He can come to Chisu with the greatest success, but he’s shocked when he will go through with Seo Yul.

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Alchemy of the Souls is still this year.

What bothers him more is that the subject of this final duel is Mu-deok. He takes pride in his ability. Later, Mu-deok searches for the jade that was left by the crown prince and who went to meet Jang Uk. But seeing him with Heo Yoon-ok makes him jealous which makes Jang Uk angry with her.

Later he accompanies Seo Yul and Park Dong-su to the palace. There reveals that a soul shifter is a result of an omission made by Heo Yeom. He then asks Jang Uk to bring the dog with Sapsali inside the palace to find the soul shifters which scare the queen into secretly calling for Jin Mu.

Jin Mu succeeds in convincing the king to refuse the sapsali inside which is known as Lee from the side after giving advice. There’s a suspect known about Mu-deok who is suspected of murder. Although she can prove her innocence using Jin Cho-yeon, Park Jin takes this opportunity to test her and Jang Uk.

The two tell her they are deeply in love with each other and show him their jade eggs. On the next day, Jin Ho-kyung make a ruckus in Songrim that ends up killing the Sapsali. After this, the relationships between Jin Choyeon and Park Donggus are revealed to all and the two rebel against their elders causing them to leave their homes. Both of us live in the Jang household.

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A chemistry of souls Episode 16 stills.

Mu-deok serves Jin Cho-yeon, who ends up speaking about her lost sister. Jang Uk thinks that Seo Yul knows about Mu-deok. The queen’s realised everything was suspicious and plans to escape, while Jang Uk is in the process to find out about shaman Choi.

Jin Mu brings Soo Yi to Jin’s home and when she gets into Jinyowon for the door, the door turns open. Jin Ho-kyung rejoices that she has found her daughter while Mu-deok seems to be a weird person.

Another year, Jang Kang appears in front of Jang Uk, ending episode 16 of Anatomy of Souls.

Alchemy of Souls Episode 16 stills.

Alchemy of Souls episode 17 will be available on August 20 at 9 o’clock (7,30 o’clock 9).

Alchemy of Soulsis streaming onNetflix.

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