Joker to Harley Quinn: Who won?

The Joker and Harley Quinn have probably the most diabolical relations in comic books. It is overly abuseful, although both of these people express love for each other continuously. Unfortunately, most recent, Harley walked away from abusive relationships and fled her own way, but never really got against each other. The question is the one who is in front of you. Joker and Joker. Harley Quinn: Who would win? Read More

The Joker and Harley Quinn are probably the most diabolical people in comic books. It is utterly abused, but both of them express love for each other constantly. However, when Harley took over the abusive relationship, she ran her own way, but she did not actually say anything about him. The question is, who would win in a great Joker, instead of Harley?

As for a single combat, the Harley would win best. She is a great fighter, combining gymnast and martial arts. If they plan and use all their powers, Joker easily wins.

He’s still eating much. And even though Harley eventually ran away, she wouldn’t kill Joker because she really liked him. Joker might not have said that. He would kill her in heartbeat if he could gain something from it, but who truly cares about Batman isn’t. This means the comparison of Harleys and Jokers in order to win.

Joker and his power are hers.

The Joker, the known name of the Red Hood, the Clown Prince of Crime, or Puddin (as Harley Quinn called him), was the first Batman movie in 1940. He’s an insane criminal mastermind who live in Gotham City, and is the boss of the Batman.

Although he’s technically only a human, many things make him so unordinary and somehow superhuman. So what can he do that makes him so dangerous?

There are dozens of songs with different songs, but the whole of them have similarities. He became a criminal known as the Red Hood, and fell into a tank of chemicals in the chemical plant, turning his skin on, his hair green, and his lips recognizable red and his grin red.

She was a factory worker, and as such, she was a chemical expert. The Joker performed a lot of blood tests over the years. His experiments and years of abuse of substance also gave him immunity to most poisons, as suggested in Batman #663. In the same comic, a mosquito bites and dies.

Finally, his ability in chemistry gives him the ability to produce incredibly effective weapons, gas bombs, etc.

It is clear between being a genius and being a mad man. The Joker is definitely the same as the criminal mastermind who, in terms of escapology, has profound skills. With the time and money to make it work, give him a pencil, and obliterate you.

He is known for his manipulation and being one of the greatest ever manipulators. He manipulated the Harley and displaced him from Arkham Asylum. She worked as a psychologist for Harleen Quinzel. He manipulated and drugged Superman in the Universe, making him unknowingly take Lois Lane and become a mad dictator.

His chemistry knowledge is one thing, but his insanity does not separate him from other geniuses (like his arch-nemesis, Bruce Wayne). He cannot control morals or ethics, but there is no fear of himself, and is completely psychopathic.

Even in his relationship to the owner of Harley Quinn, he countless times showed how it was about to be played and played by him. The only one who really cares about him is Batman, if he does look and thinks he thinks he has real feelings.

Arms and props are available.

Most of the Jokers kills came from his unique, comedic, weaponized props like joy buzzers, sharpened playing cards, etc. It’s not uncommon to see him power up his weapons using cyanide, acid, poison gases etc.

His martial arts skills are moderate, but he is very proficient with his props, weapons and intelligence.

How smart is Joker & He?

I lack pain.

One particular ability that makes the Joker even more not-human is his lack of pain. He may feel no pain; or insanity allows him to ignore it like a matter of fact; but he takes punishment while laughing.

Once he slapped her face and tossed it down the wall, he put it on, then nothing else. If he feels pain, his tolerance is not the same.

Harley Quinn And her powers make me laugh.

Harley Quinn is very new in DC Comics, was first seen in 1992 in the Batman-themed movie Batman. Her first comic appearance was released a year later in Batman Adventures #12, but her first proper introduction came in Batman: Harley Quinn #1 in 1999.

She was just an ordinary residents of Gotham City named Harleen Quinzel. Harleen specialized in gymnastics and psychologies in Arkham, where she taught Joker. Soon, she fell over his influence and helped him escape, while he created her alter-ego, Harley Quinn.

She became very close to Joker and became his girl, despite the persistent abuse. She had also gone mad and became a supervillain, while also separating herself from the Joker and creating her ability.

Physical and psychological excellence is critical.

Harley Quinn can perform an incredible number of tests. Aside from his psychology and all of her intelligence, he can make a point with himself. She is frustrated because of Jokers manipulative schemes but still gives her brilliance a constant halt.

And, apart from her smarts, Harley also works in peak condition and makes a certain contribution. Harleen was an expert gymnast, and in combat, Harley Quinn very easily uses it. Her agility and his incredible reflexes allow him to dominate in hand-to-hand combat.

That is more than the whole thing. In Harley Quinn, vol. In 1999, the number 3 of which was used for Harley in 2001 receives a serum by Poison Ivy. This gives her extreme strength, reflexes, agility and, most importantly, durability. He can’t do much more damage than a normal human.

When I say chemo-immunitarity, I think about Harleys’ immunity to toxins, poisons and much more that compare to Jokers. She turned red and swung into a chemical tank. The trip to the tank and the Joker gave her some of his trademark skills, including immunity, and, possibly, toxic blood.

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Weapons and a prop will protect you and your arm.

Harley always has strong weapons, but often uses a large mallet as his choice. She can use firearms, too, or so stupidly enough to use these, even if she never used them before. Sometimes she’s even with two hyenas that she’s very useful for attacking her enemies.

We’re a joker. Harley Quinn: Who would win?

With everything being said, who would eventually win a fight between the Joker and Harley Quinn?

If the two players talked about hand-to-hand combat, the greatest chance of winning over the Joker is. She has excellent physiques, improved ability, agility and reflexes and is able to be very effective at punching herself. That is all about her favour.

In the other case, I’d fight the Joker over Harley Quinn. First, he is just too clever of a manipulator and criminal mastermind; he would just outsmart Harley given all the time. His weapons and his props provide him with a nice edge, but I think that Harley could eventually beat herself.

She just likes Joker too much, even when she’s left him. She would never kill him. In addition, he showed his ability to get over it more than once, and he would probably be able to do it again. He only would give her nothing when he would kill her.

His manipulative skills, his brilliant tactics, weapons, and his chemical expertise would cost many pounds. Harley Quinn literally loves him too much for him to hurt him severely, even if she is probably stronger in hand-to-hand combat.

Are The Joker and Harley Quinn in love?

Given their entire relationship relies on manipulation and abuse, can we even say that Joker and Harley Quinn were in love?

I think yes. At least in their version of love. The Joker is a psychopath and a sociopath, meaning that he doesn’t understand real human emotions. He felt closer to Harley or even thought he really loved her at one moment but never stopped laughing and manipulating her, causing him to leave him.

He has expressed his love for her many times, but he has also said that he regards love as a weakness, so he wants to escape it.

On the other hand, Harley Quinn loved him more than anything else in the world. She would die for him. Even though it was all a manipulation, she wasn’t in her right mind, Harley loved her Puddin with the best she could or knew how.