Microsoft Tried to block Windows 11 Installer Bypassed Requirements!

You might recall that there were reports from the beginning of July about Rufus, a new software that effectively created an ISO-based USB installer for Windows 11. Not all that exciting, right? Well, this one came with a little trick. Using that name, it could be created an installation that would bypass everything to achieve.

You might recall that in early July we reported about Rufus, a new software that effectively created an ISO-based USB installer for Windows 11. Not too exciting, don’t you? This one is handy. It was able to create an installation that would bypass all of the system requirements the operating system had. In other words, there was no need for TPM 2.0, no need for secure boot, and it would install the OS on relatively simple hardware (getting past the CPU requirements).

While this was obviously really useful for a few people, I think it went without saying that Microsoft wouldn’t be so happy about it. And in something that clearly confirmed this, the Rufus installation, which started this week, has stopped working because their link to the Windows 11 ISO Download server web was basically disconnected!

Nevertheless, following an update via Ghacks, it seemed impossible that such efforts, which focused on improving the performance of Windows 11 on unsupported systems, remained true for a long time. With the updates coming to an end, Rufus is back in action.

Microsoft tries to maintain Windows 11 system conditions.

Although the standard of Windows 11 is entirely different, since the operating system was originally launched a little over a year ago, it was a topic of resurgence. Microsoft often cited these as mandatory aspects because of the security improvements. However, the fact that the operating system can clearly be installed on seemingly unwelcome hardware does not seem to have any effect in this argument. For example, there is no reason why Windows 11 can be universally accepted/compatible if Microsoft wanted to.

For now, the Rufus tool is running again. If you have that installed, do a favor, and you can download the latest version you can use here.

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