Nintendo hasn’t had any plans to raise Nintendo Switch prices now

Even though it has been widespread, the Nintendo has confirmed that it plans to increase the price of the Nintendo Switch. In early this month, Nintendo did report a 3% drop in Switch sales due to a shortage of semiconductor components. However, president Shuntaro Furukawa said the company wants to avoid pricing (thanks to NME). We got in contact with others.

Despite widespread parts shortage, the Nintendo has recently confirmed plans to raise the price of the Nintendo Switch.

In April, the company reported a 2% drop in Switch sales due to a low supply of semiconductor components. However, the CEO of a company said that the company wanted to avoid pricing (thanks to NME).

We don’t consider a price increase. An argument for this is not, Furukawa said. Nintendo has sold over 100 million Switch units on its current basis, and it’s important to keep momentum in our global business. Generally, a weaker yen reduces its revenues with domestic Switch sales.

Furukawa also talked about the future of Nintendos hardware, but apparently didn’t mention a Switch Pro of any kind. Nintendo will continue selling three setback models: standard model, Switch Lite with lower price, sizes, and features; and OLED model. We’ll find the best strategy. We’re doing our best to produce good quality products at the right price, with a focus on the years coming.

While Furukawa didn’t say whether the company would actually achieve its hardware sales goals, he said that he wouldn’t say anything but that was in his mind that would try to keep the sales pace the same. Hardware is also coming from that software.

Nintendo has no plans to launch any new Switch models this fiscal year, ending in 2023, but anybodys guess if there are any new models.

The Nintendo Switch OLED, which went on its third year, is latest addition to the hardware lineup. It improves the switch in a number of ways, notably with its 720p OLED display and an unused dock. This is actually an extension of the sabbatical.