Norway’s famous Walrus Freya is attacked because Humanity is the Worst of the Earth

Thanks a lot for Freya!

In deeply depressing, but unsurprising news, Norway’s official euthanized the famous walrus Freya – from concerns about public safety. The walrus weighs 12 billion pounds on a small boat and dinghie. As his fame expanded, tourists flocked to theOslo Fjord to see Freya writ a view of the sea water.

Despite warnings from government officials, people continued to visit a walrus and then became a threat to safety. You know because literally minding her own beeswax and taking naps on boats. After the previous week, the director general of the Norwegian National Institute for Fisheries said the decision to euthanize the walrus was made based on an overall assessment of the persisting threat to human safety. Finally, the official conclusion from the state of the walrus is a result of the continuing observation undertaken by the directorate, and it is clear that the public refused to let the rat go and remained as if it had to maintain a full distance with the walrus.

Because they want to ensure good health, they kill the animal? It is particularly galling considering that walruses should be protected species. We have no doubt that the decision can provoke the response of the public, but I am sure that this was the right call, the conclusion of Bakke-Jensen. We are good at animal welfare, but human life and safety must have a priority.

The culprit is however, as always, humanity. Freya, throwing objects at him, and attempting to take selfies with the walrus. The walrus has been punished. Instead of people breaking the rules and ignoring their own safety. It’s a deeply upsetting ending to Freyas story, and a perfect recap of humanity’s hatred of animals and animals.

Many went to the social media to mourn Freya:

Having decided to get a seat of the world’s most precious thing, the itonian public had a doubt about it.

Dr. Jacquelyn Gill (@JacquelynGill) August 14, 2022

Rejuvenating Freya a walrus is an incredibly great right of life. We think we are owning this planet.

HellaKitty ( ) August 14, 2022 (@Celestephase) August 14, 2022

The murder of Freya the walrus is painful, and people couldn’t stay on her own so she paid the price of the game. “The real horror is that this will be a depressing story,” she wrote.

Dr. Ali Khan GP (@Dr. Ali Khan GP) August 14, 2022 2022

The director of fishing in Norway was pleased today because she was perceived as a “continued threat to the safety of humanity”.

Hugh Harrop Wildlife, (@Hugh Harrop) 14 August, 2022

This is nothing I do not understand about the wildlife. We’re so intolerant and short sighted. #Wordanoax @vnorway and @inyathethewl.

Megan McCubbin (@MeganMcCubbin) August 14, 2022.

Freya the walrus was a climate refugee. She went to the university of human society to find a place for rest, because she destroyed her sea ice-like home. That then killed her because she damaged a couple of boats.

spencer (@Unpop_Science) August 14, 2022

He deserves better, RIP Freya!

(via CNN, featured image is screencap/NBC News).