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Despite being in a perfect customization layer, all of them have one point where they stand out, and via simplified mobiles with FunTouch, widgets play a big role, like O-Relax in OPPOs. The widgets in the customization layer of the Chinese company are the best we've seen natively on Android, and some allow you to [] the move in order to make a seamless transition.

Without perfection, all of them have the same point that they stand out. On Vivo mobiles with FunTouch, Widgets play an important role, as well as O-Relax in OPPOs.

The widgets that occupy the customization layer of the Chinese company are the best we’ve seen natively on Android. Some allow, while others require, customization.

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This is where Vivo widgets are.

Vivo Widgets in Launcher.

The free Android phone is available.

Vivo has a collection of widgets in Funtouch OS which can help you manage and organize the launcher, as many of them are customizable and include functions for which you would normally need to use third-party apps.

This is the case with the counting-down widget and the counter. The first thing you think is how many days you want to go until such an event that you’ve started, the second one has a button that adds a number to the counter every time you press it.

Vivo Countdown Widgets can be rolled up.

The free Android version is available.

On the other hand, there are many cleaning widgets and several nano-players, which expand to show the song played and the photo of the album playing.

The weather widget shows you how temperature and rainfall are calculated from the location you set up. Among those with the most classic characteristics, it is the layer that connects natively.

Vivo-widget is a powerful solution.

The free android application is free.

The widget lets you pick the background and the text colors in order to put a phrase. You can even set the background image and put the text in it.

All these widgets follow material you, even though Funtouch isn’t a layer that looks just like pure Android. All you can do is find is a minimalist pattern of lines and curved edges that match Googles new style.

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