Only Dark enemies will have the opportunity to remake the reality of a monster

It's the BIG announcement of NGO Nordic Showcase 2022! The classic action horror game Alone in the Dark is coming soon and the studio pieces Interactive will get a remake. The developer is known for his work on the DLCs of Titan Quest. The original game, which is entirely original from 1992, is inspired by the original game...

This is the biggest announcement of the Nordic Digital Showcase 2022 of THQ. The classic action horror game Alone in the dark will be a remake of the game now being developed by the studio Pieces Interactive. The developer, known for his work on Titan Quest DLCs, is known as the CGC.

In the dark, Inspired directly by the original film From 1992-92, It takes us back to Derceto Manor in 1920. Emily’s uncle disappeared. The young woman enlists Detective Edward Carnby for the investigation. This Friday we saw the first trailer of the project: the first of us.

The title is a Third Person view and will introduce players to a mix of action, mystery and horror. After being hunted with a rifle in hand, it will be necessary to thwart the suffraged demonic plan that will be heavily weighed on the vast residence.

THQ Nordic hasn’t announced the release date yetAlone in the dark. It is now clear that The title will be released on both Xbox and Playstation.