Proshop Smart Home Days – The Philips, Google and Co. are far below the best prices

AUGUST, August 14, 2022 at 9:00 p.m. “It’s the best time of the year” with many product choices. We have a general overview of the deals. Smart Home Days in Proshop (Source: ProShop) From 14:08. till 21:08. advertises the online store Proshop.


August 14, 2022 at 21:00.

Smart Home products from Philips, Google and others: Proshop gives a new track of the Smart Home Days and then cut the cheapest price in the market with a lot of products. We have a guide to the deal.

Smart Home Days at Pro Shop (Source: Pro Shop).

From between 14 and 21.08.2011 advertises for the Proshop online retailer. Numerous discounted items of well-known manufacturers await you. They include bulbs from Philips Hue, smart doorbells from Ring, robot mowers from Bosch and more. We have rated ten best deals for you.

Home for the smart: Discover all the offers.

Philips Hue LightStrip Plus V4 2+1m Base Kit.

The Pro shop has got it.


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  • Philips Hue Bridge works well.

  • Get controlled via Bluetooth.

  • Termed and reused can be cut and reused.

  • Compatible with the extensions V1-V3 and V1.

For the price of around 63 dollars, we recommend giving the Philips Hue Bundle the LightStrip Plus V4 2 + 1 meters at Proshop in Smart Home Days. You save around 30 percent, compared to the next lowest online price (89 dollars).

Philips Hue Appear outdoor wall light double pack.

Pro shop, or a supermarket.

The bill is to give us a call.

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  • LED, 2 inches x 8.9 inches W.

  • 16 million colors.

  • Incompatible with the Philips Hoe Bridge.

  • Life time up to 25,000 hours to take part.

  • Mae: 24 x 11,7 x 8,4 cm.

It is worth 161.89 dollars. Proshop offers that outdoor wall light from Philips Hue. The smare light costs 230 dollars at the nearest cheap online retailer, so you save up to 30 percent of this price.

JBL – Link music Schwarz

at the Pro shop.


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  • 60 20000 Hz / 0?

  • Mit Google Assistant.

  • Airplay-compatible.

  • Weight: 75 g

  • Measures: 11,2 cm x 11,2 cm x 13,4 cm x 13,4 cm x 13,4.

You can save money, too. The cheapest online store only offers a speaker from 100 dollars. The music fans save a third with this offer.

Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell.

At Pro shop, please buy.


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  • Bluetooth

  • Its compatible with Google Smart Home products.

The Google Nest Hi doorbell costs around 100 dollars. The wireless doorbell transmits a video signal directly to your smartphone or smart home control center so that visitors and parcel couriers can quickly locate the incoming message. Besides, the google doorbell also works as an intercom.

Computer-controlled alarms is used on Netatmo.

at the Pro shop.


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  • Power supply: a battery, a power adapter, etc.

  • Sirene: 110 dB.

  • Camera: 20 x 1080 m2 Audio Day & Night & Night: max resolution

The cheapest dealer only offers the netatmo alarm with camera of three thousand dollars. At Proshop you can get the home security solution under the Smart Home Days price compared to an affordable 184 dollars. The camera is, three door and window sensor, an indoor siren, power supply unit, USB cable, bracket set, adhesive strips, and an 8 GB microSD card.

Aeotec Multisensor 6 6 in 1 Multisensor 7.

At Pro shop, buy some products.


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  • Max, range (outdoor): 150 m.

  • Temperature: 5 – 50 degrees C.

  • Detection Range: 5m by far.

The 6-in-1 multisensor measures movement, temperature, light, humidity, vibration and UV light. The multi-sensors are adapted to the smart home control facility. Where other online stores set the price at over 50 dollars, Proshop is enticing as part of Smart Home Days with an attractive price of 34,89 dollars for the multi-sensors. Package includes 1 x USB cable, 2 x mounting screws, adhesive pad, rear mounted arm, battery cover.

Arlo Essential Spotlight WiFi Security Cameras Pack of 4th graders.

Pro store in a shop.


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  • Speaker with a voice. Twoway audio control, a microphone with a voice.

  • Dimensions (highest x lowest y i, big width x deep): 5,2 cm x 7,84 cm x 8,9 cm

  • Weight: 331 g

  • Max resolution: 19201080.

The first of four wireless cameras to use in your smart home available is $285 instead of $384. So you save up for around 100 dollars on the cheapest online price and get four 1,080 cameras for inside and outside.

Ledvance Smart + Orbis Backlite rund & eds.

Pro Shop is located in the town.


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  • Ledvance Smart+ is necessary for this application.

Smart ceiling lights at a low price. The Opticons Lite is available from Proshop for around 53 dollars instead of 70 dollars. This light can be dimmed easily by app.

Lenovo Smart Clock 2 Blau.

AproShops sell their products.

OUT of the ordinary, all are gone.

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  • 4 inch smart screen.

  • Integrated Google Assistant.

  • Dimensions (large, depth, height): 13:48 cm x 7,133 cm x 9.33 cm.

  • Weight: 98 g

This is the 42 percent cheaper online price: you can get the smart display Lenovo Smart Clock 2 at a hefty 40 dollars. The other dealers estimate at least 70 dollars for the clock with an integrated speaker.

Call 3 Video Doorbells.

The company specializes in building and cleaning jobs.


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  • One direction audio

  • weatherproof

  • 160 field of view.

You save up to 20% on the cheapest online price for the smart doorbell by Ring, Doorbell 3. The bell serves as a camera and a telephone in front of your entrance. The second generation of doorbells also has a intelligent motion detection, so you know who’s on the mat before doorbell rings. And thanks to the app, you can do this from anywhere.

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at the GM until 21.8. Discover the Smart Home Days*.


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Table of Contents.

  • Philips Hule – 1-1 m Base Kit V4 2-1.
  • Philips Hue Appear a wall light double pack for outdoor space.
  • JBL Link Music Schwarz
  • Googyna video doorbell Hello.
  • A smart alarm, called Netatmo, comes with a camera.
  • Aeotec Multisensor 6 6 in 1 Multisensor.
  • Arlo Essential Security Cameras Pack 4 with Spotlight LEDs Pack.
  • Ledvance Smart+ Orbis Backlite rund.
  • Lenovo’s Smart Clock 2 Blau Blaue
  • Video Doorbell 3 in camera.
  • Don’t miss a chance.