Report to the Summer Time show The Complete Episode 18: The Last Time Of the War

Summer Time Render Episode 18 was a very enjoyable episode filled with horrors from every level that you've seen. Is there something the show cant do except air on a good network?

We almost forgot the first time that Shinpei didn’t meet the priest. Summertime Render episode 18 sees him accomplish that and many more. Let’s get right to the review!

Summer Time Render Episode 18 Overview.

Summer Time Render is a new anime, written by the Anime Studio OLM, previously known for producing critically acclaimed anime like Komi Cant CommunicateandOdd Taxi. Ayumu Watanabe directs the show, a director whose career has been intrinsically linked to OLM – having previously directed the studio, Komi Cant Communicate and Space Brothers. The anime is made up of a manga written by Tanaka by Yasunori.

This series is also called Summer Time Rendering or Summer Time Render, and this makes these episodes a short term, and also the Summer Time Rendering Episode 18 and the Summer Time Render Episode 18 as well. You can read our review of the first episode of this show right here.

Summertime Rendering episode 18 does not contain spoilers.

Summer Time Report Episode 18 Review – Planned Error (Official War) – Early Warning.

That episode was a really amazing time. It was time for the big fight to have fun with Karakiri, a priest of Hitogashima. You should stop the island festival if it happen to all of your soul. Unfortunately, the only time that Shinpei got so far ahead and went on. He is very specific to what is happening around the world, and since the deepest part of the game, all of the secrets will come out.

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And come out, they did. We began to realize everything from the beginning of Haine, his appearance on Hitogashima Island to the short order of her relationship with Shide before we reached the halfway point of the episode. The link between the Haine and Hitogashima shrine was also explored, with Karakiri at the centre of it. The show did a splendid job introducing us to him within the first few moments and showing that he was more deeply involved with this than anyone could have realised. He is not going to be trusted.

The conversation between him and Shinpei flowed very naturally, but you could say that Shinpei was on his mind all the time and knew much more than his only desire. It would be OK if the show were as simple as it would be. His mannerisms and his animated mood as well as the mood of this particular moment, weren’t enough enough to set the tone of that entire confrontation, even when the discussion about Final Fantasy 7 had a positive appearance. The tension in the air was not swaying, so the proverbial would hit the fan.

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Although he admitted all of the plot’s details, the episode was still a bit more serious, and the depth of the Ushio and Shinpeis psyche was just as important as its actual appearance. It was also another highly tense episode that ended on the darkest note of this series so far and probably will. Think about how much ground this covers. This means the entire drowning flashback, the Moribanosuke death, and the entire island festival were less dark than this was, and that speaks a lot to the world that the show has built with its characters.

The animation had, as well as the experimentation that the series became a famous one with great success. There were a few dazzling close-ups (some of which are viewed in the gallery above), watercolour and detail-made frames. The soundtrack we haven’t discussed in a while was remarkable and pivotal so that it was giving this episode the feeling of discontent that it carried so well. Overall, if you were not worried about this show conclusion yet, you’ll be happy with this show. Don’t worry, not because that’s a bad thing.


Summer Time Render Episode 18 was a masterfully developed episode bursting with horrors of every kind that you have laid your eyes on. Can a show show have anything else, but airing on a good network?