Steps to take advantage of your TVs USB port

Almost all smart televisions have one or more USB ports -some even with a USB Type C on the back. These are incredibly useful, as they allow you to get more money from the TV, making it a much more versatile device. This port can go a long way if you take [] [] this port.

Almost all current Smart TVs have one or more USB ports – some even with a USB Type C- on their back. That is really useful, as it allows you to buy some more items for the television.

Your Smart TV is perfectly adapted so that you can use it to connect other accessories and power some USB devices.

If you don’t have a smart TV, but your TV has a USB connection, you can use this for all kinds of uses that we will tell you about below.

Connect the power cable to the LED lights.

LED light strips These have become very popular over the past few years. The addition of LED strips means they can help a lot of rooms. Many of us can change the color according to the screen content.

Some of these need a transformer to work, but other people need a USB socket, you can connect them to the TV so you don’t need a more expensive socket and therefore save space.

Connect a hard drive to films and movies.

If you don’t find anything interesting to watch in streaming or on TV, plugging your drive will help you read alternative content.

With the Smart TV you can access it by the native file explorer or downloading a file like VLC, which is totally free, and also compatible with several formats.

Install and play music via USB.

If your TV is Android TV, you can enter the APK file of the app you want to install on a flash drive or another memory partition and install it manually using the file browser.

To do that, you need to first download the installer file from APK Mirror or similar website, which passes certain security checks so you don’t have to detect malware.

This USB port can be used for the use of a keyboard or mouse which lets you move more comfortably through the Smart TV interface, especially when you connect to applications or a search for content.

These accessories are a must-have for the wire and are connected to the USB cable. However, I need to know for sure that the cable is long enough to go where you are.

Charge your phone and tablet.

Even though that connection is not powerful enough to offer faster charging, you can charge the type of devices you connect to the charger so you don’t forget them, by power or by spare mobile.

You have the charger cord to hold the power and turn it down so you can use it.

Update your smart TV.

Some smart TVs simply enter the new firmware with a USB key, and this is done via this port.

You must check whether your TV models are compatible with this method and download the software in question from the manufacturers website.

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Table of contents.

  • Connect the flashing lights to the cable.
  • Connect a hard drive with movies and films.
  • Install games, and apps using a USB port.
  • Charge your devices.
  • Regrade your smart TV.
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