Sumeru, new characters, and much more

HoYoverse announced an unexpected surprise to all Genshin Impact players bynnouncing that the version 3.0 of this action RPG will be coming the 24th of August. With the name "The dawn of a thousand roses" the game is being considered one of the biggest updates ever, especially because of its [] reputation for the game's success.

HoYoverse announced a huge surprise for all Genshin Impact players by announcing the latest version of the action RPG will come July 24th. With the name of the a thousand rose name, this game will be one of the biggest updates that was received since it opened in the sumeru region the fourth of the most important nations.

The new zone is positioned near Liyue. It will be divided up in two sections with an entire forest and another that will be a desert. From the first day you will be able to explore the dense jungle landscape and the numerous settlements that there have. Another outstanding organization in Teyvat is the Sumeru Academy, the most respected institution in Teyvat.

These animals possess polymorphic characteristics which turn them into a multicolored body, creating a special effect that can make them become like a new generation. Among all those new species will be the Mushroom, a new kind of enemy similar to mushrooms, but with more evolved and aggressive, and also the new finale boss: The Redfeather Scare Mushroom.

All these new features will be The Dendro characters, capable of generating three elementeal reactions: burn, bloom, and catalyze, respectively, via contact with pyro, hydro and electro-electronic elements. All that will cause the worst devastating attacks that have in turn causing severe consequences.

Players can recruit two new Dendro archers: Tignari, an academic with a big heart who works as a forest ranger, causing damage in several phases, and his student Collei, who can be obtained for free through a Sculptural Innocence event which will take place in this new version. And they won’t be the only ones, because at some point we’ll see a 4-star Electro character named Dori who will know how to handle the greatsword very well.