Take a look at the spectacular path in the water that has been created in the study of the new Horizons of Animal Crossing

From Twitter, we get a curious post about one of the most outstanding games of the Nintendo Switch catalog. We're really talking about the new horizon: Animal Crossing. In the clip we leave him below, we can see how contributoryQuick983 created a complete and beautiful trail between two lakes.

Through Twitter we find out an interesting post about one of the best games in the Nintendo Switch catalog. We are talking about the new Horizons of Animal Crossing.

In the clip we’re leaving, we see how the Twitter user ContributionQuick983 has created an original and spectacular path between two lakes using both the elevation and the river works permit. He has no doubt achieved the final result.

This is what he’s seen here.

ani Annie (@crossingani_) June 16, 2022

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