The 4 best Internet Speed Tips For You to Measure Your Speed

If you want to see whether the network you have contracted reaches you, you should know that there are several Android applications that allow you to measure internet speed in uploading and downloading data. It's gonna happen as soon as possible.

If you want to check how fast you’re using the internet, you need to know that there are many Android apps that allow you to measure your speed on uploading and downloading data.

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Next, we show you some applications that could offer you fairly precise data on the speed of your connection, and with which you could test your performance of some more specific applications such as Netflix or Chrome.

These are indicative data, but you’ll see that the results, but if you measure the same connection with all the applications, are very similar to each other.

The free Android phone is available for download.

When you start the process, you will have to decide whether to grant the permissions it asks for, among which is location and call handling. Our advice is not to give them, because they’re essential.

The hone behind this are just clicking start and watch the speed that the test runs. It measures download and upload speed, as well. The application contains many advertisement materials, as well as a coverage map, video tests and a VPN.

  • How to download from Google Play.


Internet speed in Meteor is increasing.

Android is free.

On the other hand, Meteor will also measure upload and download speeds to see how fast your internet connection is, whether via Wi-Fi or via mobile data.

There are other options to gauge the performance of certain apps that you have installed such as Google Maps, Chrome or YouTube, but you can add more than any apps that you have installed.

  • How to download from Google Play.

Protest on speed at light.

Speed Test Lite.

Android provides a free earphone.

This other app, which has a simple interface, can only measure the download and upload speed, as well as the Ping, it is perfectly suitable if you want simple applications.

It only has a section where you can examine the test history to see what the previous results were. There is also a link to its full version, offering other options.

  • How to download from Google Play.


Using fast speed test, you will get to the right speed.

The free Android App.

Netflix has its own plethora of algorithms to measure the speed of the internet. It is also known for its name Fast, and its interface is very simple, since the rate test becomes automatically easy when entering.

Even if you do not click on the More Info button, you won’t be able to obtain much more information.

  • How to download from Google Play.

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