The Chaos Shake is getting a very colorful first game trailer

SpongeBob SquarePants was first announced last year. Cosmic Shock got its first gameplay trailer as the recent THQ Nordic show. The Cosmic Shake a spiritual sequel to the remake battle of the Bikini Bottoms: Hydrate is again a 3D platformer, with seemingly diverse themes, typic of the genre. But as the syllist feels, this looks really [at all] out of it.

SpongeBob SquarePants, first announced last year, received first trailer as part of a recent THQ Scandinavia show.

The Cosmic Shake was a sequel to the remake of the Bikini Bottoms: Hydrate, and was renamed to an 3D platformer with its numerous themed worlds, which is reminiscent of the genre. Inspiringly, it looks really good, and the bright bright bright colours complement the shades of the collection pretty well.

The trailer shows SpongeBob and a smaller companion, Patrick Star, who floats with a variety of features, traveling to different places in time and through different planets and of various points. The games are grouped from region to region. The game seems to borrow a bit Breath of the Wild (breath) with the fact that there’s a paraglider in form of a pizza box.

A post from a popular platform called The Cosmic Shake promises to make SpongeBob SquarePants a playable character, but that’s how he can do it, according to the PlayStation Blog.

SponBebob Squarepants: The cosmic Shake has not yet gotten ready, so it should be out on PS4, PS5, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Series X/S, as well as PC.

The Cosmic Shake showcase was not the only one to be shown at THQ Nordic, but on one hand, a remake of a 90s-based survival horror game was announced by the official television audience. Even though this is the vagueest announcement, there is a new South Park game.

Last week, the movie, “The movie, The Movie” “The Movie” is taking place at Ubisoft in the USA. A new game from THQ will probably feature multiplayer.